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If this is an emergency please call 911! Do NOT report emergencies here! The Montgomery County (MD) Fire and Rescue Service (MCFRS), an Accredited Agency, is a full spectrum life safety agency protecting about 500 square miles and nearly 1 million people who live and work in Maryland’s most populous jurisdiction.

Notified About

  • 2814 Henderson Ct Silver Spring, MD - Wheaton-Glenmont
    The only street light in Henderson Court has been out for almost a week and is causing a safety hazard.
  • 17651 Redland Rd Rockville, MD - Redland
    It has been quite the eye sore for some time! Garbage, etc thrown about.
  • Gaithersburg Rockville Bethesda md - North Potomac
    On I270 both north and southbound - all street lights are out between exit 8 Shady Grove road and exit 6 West Montgomery road. Also all lights are out on southbound Westlake terrace exit ramp and Democracy blvd area of I270. This a dangerous situation and needs to be fixed soon.
  • 12702 Flack Street Silver Spring, MD 20906 - Greater Glenmont

    This house continues to be a problem. I recently reported it for grass which has grown 3-feet high. The county is finally getting involved over the grass.

    The house at 12702 Flack Street has been vacant for more than one year. A notice posted in the front window states that the property is owned by Chase Home Finance LLC. Phone # 877.790.1035 (LPS Field Svcs 440.633.4100). The grass gets cut infrequently, so the property looks shabby. There is trash, piles of yard debris, and standing water in the back yard. All of these are attractions to rats. Rats have been observed by neighbors. In addition, there was break in, which was reported to police, sometime in late Jan or February. The bank was alerted to the break in -- their response was to pull the broken window closed (without repairing the glass) and changing the locks -- the broken window is on the left side of the house. This kind of neglect is unacceptable. Our hope is that the property (the house seems to be in good shape) be cleaned up and sold quickly. A vacant house is a magnet to vermin and vagarants. Our neighborhood does not need either.

  • 13889-13961 Connecticut Ave Aspen Hill, MD 20906, USA - Aspen Hill

    There are pot holes in the street next to a Quest gas station. They start around the Connecticut Avenue entrance to the gas station and continue East onto Georgia Avenue.

    Can you please fix them before the bad weather sets in and makes them worse? Thank you

  • 13963-13999 Connecticut Ave Aspen Hill, MD 20906, USA - Aspen Hill
    There are pot holes and broken curbs by the Connecticut Avenue entrance to the Quest gas station and the broken street continues East onto Georgia Avenue.
  • 5500-5548 Alta Vista Rd Bethesda, MD 20814, USA - Bethesda
    Several large potholes at the intersection of Locust Avenue and Alta Vista Road
  • ILLEGAL LIENS Archived
    18 Stakeburg Place Montgomery, MD - US Congressional District MD4

    In what began a dispute with my homeowner association, Norbeck Grove Community Association, Inc. over $236.71 in alleged unpaid dues owed by my condominium association, Norbeck Grove 1 Condominium, Inc. ended up exposing a widespread and decades old illegal debt collection practice performed by property and financial management companies on behalf of their homeowner and condominium association clients throughout the state of Maryland. This is a serious issue of enormous public interest and importance. Homeowners require your intervention to protect their property rights.

    For many years property and financial management companies and their employees representing homeowner and condominium associations have routinely engaged in criminal misdemeanor conduct, i.e. the unlicensed and unauthorized practice of law with their preparation and filing of nonjudicial lien documents in Maryland courts to collect unpaid homeowner and condominium association dues. In many case these entities and individuals have filed multiple illegal liens against homeowners’ homes to collect the same debt. I have neighbors who have 3 or more active liens in the public and land records. Additionally, this illegal and criminal misconduct has proven to be very profitable and lucrative for the property and financial management companies that charge homeowners fees up to or exceeding $350 for each illegal lien. These illegal liens remain active in the public and court records, homeowner and condominium associations to collect “unpaid” dues from illegal liens and property and financial management companies continue to generate revenue related to this criminal conduct. (See Exhibit(s) #1 & 2)

    Annotated Code of MD Business Occupations and Professions Title 10 Section(s) 10-101(h)(2)(ii) states “practice law” includes: preparing an instrument that affects title to real estate; 10-101(h)(2)(iii) states “practice law” includes: preparing or helping in the preparation of any form or document that is filed in court or affects a case that is or may be filed in a court. A Lien is an instrument that affects title to real estate, constitutes a cloud on the property owner’s title and makes it extremely difficult for property owners to sell or refinance or encumber his or her land.
    The unauthorized practice of law is a criminal misdemeanor. Business, Occupations and Professions §10-606. A person, corporation, partnership, or any other association who violates § 10-601 may be guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction is subject to a fine not exceeding $5,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 1 year or both.
    To date no public official in Maryland has intervened to cease the widespread unlawful practice of filing of liens without a law license, request that the existing illegal liens filed in MD courts are vacated and/or expunged, order restitution to those homeowners who paid fees for the unlicensed and unauthorized legal services, draft legislation to protect homeowners under these circumstances or conduct public hearings to notify the public and judiciary about this unlawful practice.

    An illegal lien 1) can impede a homeowner’s ability to sell or refinance his home, 2) creates a “cloud” over the title to the homeowner’s home, 3) may be picked by the three (3) credit bureaus as an adverse occurrence or delinquency, 4) may affect a homeowner’s credit history and remain in his credit file for seven (7) years, and 5) may substantially reduce a homeowner’s credit rating, which may impede his ability to obtain credit and car insurance at favorable rates and qualify for jobs, volunteer opportunities and the rental or leasing of homes and apartments. Lastly, these illegal liens are permanent entries in the MD court records and cannot be expunged, deleted or removed from the public land records without some of type of intervention and legislation by MD state legislators and/or the MD Attorney General.

  • 12523 Linda View Lane Potomac, MD - Rockville
    Despite being in a brand new neighborhood, this new rusting fire hydrant is a disgusting eyesore, looks like it was last cleaned and painted a hundred years ago. Everyone I have called about this says it's not their department who handles the cleaning or painting of fire hydrants.
  • Two potholes Archived
    3500 Kayson St Silver Spring, MD 20906, USA - Greater Glenmont
    Two potholes at the intersection of Bluhill Road and Kayson Street in the Aspen Hill Area. These two pot holes have been here for some time. Both are growing.
  • Lighting Archived
    10760 Wayridge Road Gaithersburg, MD - Montgomery Village
    The county lights on Wayridge Drive are very dim, and the Village Lights on the pathways are out.
  • Md Silver Spring, MD - Silver Spring
    Calls to Washington Gas's only customer service number 703-750-1000 are not being answered. Trying to establish new service, waited on hold for one hour this morning, and 30 mins this afternoon. Website won't let me sign up, says someone will contact within 5 days. No hot water for one business week?