Montgomery County Fire & Rescue

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If this is an emergency please call 911! Do NOT report emergencies here! The Montgomery County (MD) Fire and Rescue Service (MCFRS), an Accredited Agency, is a full spectrum life safety agency protecting about 500 square miles and nearly 1 million people who live and work in Maryland’s most populous jurisdiction.

Notified About

  • 9915 Apple Ridge Rd Montgomery Village, MD - Montgomery Village
    There are so many ups and downs on this road. It's in such sad condition. It needs repaving desparately.
  • 106 Franklin Ave Silver Spring, MD 20901, USA - Silver Spring
    An uprooted tree is blocking Franklin Avenue between Colesville and Flower
  • 13963-13999 Connecticut Ave Aspen Hill, MD 20906, USA - Aspen Hill
    There are pot holes and broken curbs by the Connecticut Avenue entrance to the Quest gas station and the broken street continues East onto Georgia Avenue.
  • Noyes Dr And Colesville Rd Gaithersburg, MD - Silver Spring
    West side of Colesville Rd, south bound at Noyes Dr. is missing the Do Not Enter / No Right Turn 7-9 AM. This sign refers to anyone coming south bound from the Beltway, that they cannot turn right at Noyes (same sign at N. Noyes/Colesville is still in place and not missing.) Please replace the sign.
  • Georgia Ave And Colesville Road Silver Spring, MD - Silver Spring
    There's a massive asphalt hump or hill that looks EXACTLY like someone paved over an obese dead body in the far right lane in front of the bus stop on Colesville Road, just before you cross Georgia Avenue. It's astonishing and almost impossible to avoid. I can't think of any acceptable reason the road was left this way. It's unreal.
  • Street Repair Archived
    6301 Md-191 Bethesda, MD 20817, USA - Bethesda
    Missing street sign for Valley Road at the intersection of Valley and Bradley Boulevard
  • 2001-2099 Forest Glen Rd Silver Spring, MD - Forest Glen
    This light @ Forest Glen and Georgia should be changed to allow more Eastbound on Forest Glen cars to cross. Currently the Eastbound green light only allows 3-4 cars with each change - whereas the Westbound green is way too long. The report from SHA indicated that the sensor loops that control this signal light were paved over. They indicated that they would study the problem.
  • Path Repair Archived
    8619 Ridge Road Bethesda, Maryland - Bethesda

    The Pedestrian path between Ridge Road and Ewing Road is in need of repair. There are two sections that present serious trip and fall hazards to any pedestrians or bicyclists using the path.

    A video can be seen at:

  • 612 Eastern Ave Ne Washington D.C., DC - Takoma Park
    The alley found behind this address is filled with trash and a hill of gravel was dumped at the beginning of the alley. The alley is incomplete and has been that way for years now. Some government workers started on the alley late last year and left one end of the alley unpaved with gravel instead of cement. There is a a small pond at the entrance of the alley which tells me there are probably issues with the pipes as well. I have seen unsuspecting drivers (POLICE) drive into the mess and get stuck....The substance (GRAVEL) dumped there is over a foot high and is a huge SAFETY HAZARD....HELP!
  • 2600 Urbana Drive Wheaton-Glenmont, MD - Greater Glenmont
    The top cover of the storm drain has been totally moved from its original position as Urbana and Holdridge. This seems due to machine shoveling. When the snow melts it will be a safety hazard for small children and if totally broken a direct hole into our storm water drain system a man could easily fit into. Can not see anything but the total shift of the concrete due to snow.
  • 4890 Battery Lane Bethesda, MD - Bethesda

    Dear Dr. Gridlock,

    I live on Battery Lane in Bethesda, which was just redone, probably in anticipation of an increase in traffic from the new Walter Reed complex. While the paving and painting is nice, the way things have been mapped out is poor. The driveway from my parking lot at 4890 comes out behind 4900 perpendicular to Battery Lane. With parking now allowed on my side of the street there is a significantly decreased view of traffic coming both from the left and right, where parked cars can now be found. In order to see if you can turn from the driveway onto Battery Lane you have to pull into the street, which without a clear view of the cross traffic, is very dangerous. Also, a bike lane was added on my south side off the street running right next to where the drivers doors of the parked cars open. You could just imagine a driver opening his door and clipping a biker. I really think that a few parking spaces on each side of my driveway exit need to be removed to allow tenants a safe view and exit from our parking lot. I called the MCDOT and spoke with a woman about this. She told me I'd be called by someone to chat about this. Never heard from anyone. HELP!

    Thank You,

    David Engel
    Bethesda, MD

  • 5400 Westbard Avenue Bethesda, MD - Bethesda

    There is an abandoned Porche 928 GT in the corner of the parking lot of the Giant Foods at 5400 Westbard Avenue, across the street from Citgo and the Park Bethesda apartment complex. It has been there for over 5 weeks without moving, it has a broken driver's side window, no license plate, the hood is partially popped up, and the interior has seemingly been stripped.

    It's an expensive car. Someone probably wants it back or wants to know it's fate. Yet despite notifying a manager at Giant, as well as calling the police's non-emergency and then leaving a voicemail for the Abandoned Vehicle Section I was told to call, no action seems to have been taken.