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If this is an emergency please call 911! Do NOT report emergencies here! The Montgomery County (MD) Fire and Rescue Service (MCFRS), an Accredited Agency, is a full spectrum life safety agency protecting about 500 square miles and nearly 1 million people who live and work in Maryland’s most populous jurisdiction.

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  • 4890 Battery Lane Bethesda, MD - Bethesda

    Dear Dr. Gridlock,

    I live on Battery Lane in Bethesda, which was just redone, probably in anticipation of an increase in traffic from the new Walter Reed complex. While the paving and painting is nice, the way things have been mapped out is poor. The driveway from my parking lot at 4890 comes out behind 4900 perpendicular to Battery Lane. With parking now allowed on my side of the street there is a significantly decreased view of traffic coming both from the left and right, where parked cars can now be found. In order to see if you can turn from the driveway onto Battery Lane you have to pull into the street, which without a clear view of the cross traffic, is very dangerous. Also, a bike lane was added on my south side off the street running right next to where the drivers doors of the parked cars open. You could just imagine a driver opening his door and clipping a biker. I really think that a few parking spaces on each side of my driveway exit need to be removed to allow tenants a safe view and exit from our parking lot. I called the MCDOT and spoke with a woman about this. She told me I'd be called by someone to chat about this. Never heard from anyone. HELP!

    Thank You,

    David Engel
    Bethesda, MD

  • Connecticut At Plyers Mill Kensington, MD - Kensington
    Southbound on Connecticut Ave on the traffic signal the left turn arrow for the turn onto Plyers Mill lasts 10-12 seconds, just long enough for 3 cars to get through. Usually there are many more than 3 cars waiting, and the traffic spills out of the left turn lane and blocks one of the main travel lanes, causing holdups back into both Connecticut and University.
  • Franklin Avenue At Caroline Silver Spring, MD - Silver Spring
    A tree fell on Wednesday night during the snow storm and is blocking all lanes. Power is still out.
  • Aspen Hill Road/ Connecticut Ave Rockville, MD - Aspen Hill
    When leaving the Aspen Hill Shopping Center, leaving from the Giant exit onto Aspen Hill Road, something is very wrong with this exit. The left exit lane is forced to cross over the entrance lane and it leaves a cluster f*&% of cars confused and chaotic in the middle of the road. Considering they just put this in, there it is totally disfunctional and weird. Driving thru this shopping center is hard enough already, no need to create obsticles for everyone!!!
  • Nicholson Lane And 355 Intersection Rockville, MD - North Bethesda
    Traveling eastbound on Nicholson Lane in Rockville you have 3 lane choices as you approach the intersection with 355: one for turning left/going straight, the middle lane for going straight only, and the right lane for right turns only onto southbound 355. However, because of the odd line of sight the middle lane cars often don't realize they should stay to the right as they cross the intersection because there are cars in the left lane going straight. I've almost been hit and/or flipped off many times by drivers assuming they have the right of way and I was in a left turn only lane just trying to force myself into their lane. Clear arrows need to be painted on the eastbound intersection lanes, and lane markings should also be painted right across that intersection since it doesn't line up evenly to the eye. Crossing 355 on Nicholson going westbound is not a problem at all, all the lane crossings make sense.
  • Hermleigh Rd And Kemp Mill Rd Silver Spring, MD - Kemp Mill
    More preference needs to be given to traffic on Kemp Mill Rd -- keep it green longer -- traffic backs up on Kemp Mill Rd to Randolph Rd during morning rush hour because the light at Hermleigh changes too often, even when there is no traffic coming out of Hermleigh -- either fix the sensor so the light only changes when there's a car waiting on Hermleigh or adjust the timing so Kemp Mill gets a longer green -- thanks!
  • 14658 14698 Jaystone Dr Colesville, MD 20905, USA - Colesville

    Carona Drive is nearly a mile long. It is also heavily used for jogging, walking, bike riding, and other outdoor activities.

    For the whole length there is one stop sign. A recent study proves that average speed is 15 mph over the speed limit.

    Cars traveling 50 mph are not uncommon.

    Carona Drive should be redesigned to reduce speed. Circles at each intersection, narrow the road, add lines, speed bumps or rumble strips, white lines to buffer traffic from the sides especially where there are no side walks on either side.

  • 12716 Hathaway Drive Silver Spring, MD - Greater Glenmont

    The county's tree in the island that divides Hathaway drive regularly strikes the power lines here!

    (about two hours later) And the power line is down, now!

  • 16800 Georgia Avenue Olney, Maryland - Olney
    It's been a few months now but i am still waiting to see why the flashing yellow light at Emory Church Rd and Georgia Ave just south of Olney has been converted to a timed traffic light.
    It serves nothing but to halt any flow of traffic heading north from Emory Lane or south from Old Baltimore.
    Is there a reasonable explanation for this?
    It can't be because of the shoppers at Roots or Starbucks....can it?
  • 12825 Valleywood Drive Silver Spring, MD 20906 - Greater Glenmont
    Not one thing has been done about this house. It still stands burned through the roof and trash is collecting in the yard.
    About 6 months ago, the house at 12825 Valleywood Drive burned. It is a total loss and is posted as condemned. Neighbors believe a bank owns the property. It is time to get this eyesore cleaned up. The house will need to be razed -- which is a start. An empty lot which a mowed lawn is better than a burned out shell. The front door of the house is now sitting open. The property is a mess. It is an open invitation to rats and more. There may be standing water in the basement which will become a mosquito farm very quickly. Let's get this cleaned up.
  • 3213-3299 Norbeck Rd Silver Spring, MD 20906, USA - US Congressional District MD4
    Your map is wrong. The location of Norbeck Rd. is way north of Randolph Rd. The street is north of Leisure World and south of the new ICC.
  • 7359 Wisconsin Ave Bethesda, Maryland - Bethesda
    Large potholes and deteriorating surfaces have existed for months on Montgomery Ave where it intersects with Wisconsin Ave. in front of the police station.
    Thousands of cars travel through the intersection each day, due to the congestion you cannot safely avoid the large pothole in the right lane. Even worse, pedestrains must be careful to avoid it and not to break an ankle.