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  • Main Street - Between Lispenard & Rhodes Church Street - between Pelham Road & Davenport Ave., Pelham Rd - going from Church St south, Corner of Kensington Oval & Windsor Oval, New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    We contacteed Chuck Strome, Noam Bramson and many other New Rochelle government agencies in regard to the horrendous conditions of these roads in New Rochelle. Their answer basically that they cannot do anything about the pothole conditions in New Rochelle because their staff are "shorthanded". This is a joke. Just look at the lack of repairs and work going on in New Rochelle this past winter. No one has been working on repairing these potholes and now we were told that they are hiring private contractors to do the work! Apparently the staff at the New Rochelle Public Works Dept. feel that they are overworked. Overworked from what?? For over one year Main Street, between Lispenard and Rhodes has been a disaster area. The road conditions in New Rochelle are a disgrace!!!
  • Quakerridge Rd. New Rochelle NY 10804, USA - New Rochelle
    Quaker Ridge Rd. is a minefield....pls. fix and eventually repave. hasn't been repaved in over 40 years.....road is a disgrace to taxpayers
  • 43 Church Street New Rochelle, New York - New Rochelle
    The south east stairwell of the Church-Division parking lot has become an eyesore. The windows on the stairwell are boarded up and the exit door at the bottom of the stairwell has graffiti. Proper repairs must be made to the stairwell and the graffiti removed.
  • Prospect Street New Rochelle , New York - New Rochelle
    Sneaky Meter Maids who wish they were real cops issuing parking tickets to residents with permits just to fill their quota and get extra money from hard working people who follow the rules and already overpay the city of New Rochelle a large sum.
  • Wilputte Place New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    the street has neither been paved,nor the streetlamps and sewers updated,since 1969! the street is so broken,that it needs an entire paving-- not just a spot-patch.
  • Washington Avenue And Warren New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    there is always trash in this lot and it is never cleaned. the grass is always over grown and on a couple of ocasions i had found needles in the lot and nothing seems to be done about it despite the complaints me and my neighbors make to sound shore med center
  • 55-199 Poplar Pl New Rochelle, NY 10805, USA - New Rochelle
    Two potholes approximately 8-10 inches deep located at the bottom of Poplar Pl. just before the stop sign at the intersection with Liberty Ave.
  • 40 Memorial Hwy New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    Not only does my cell phone service suck but I have to make believe im talking on my phone while passing all the crackheads by the train station so they dont begin to beg for money for their next rock! I guess thats why they call this town NEW ROCK!! as in CRACK ROCK!
  • 26-60 Walnut St New Rochelle, NY 10801, USA - New Rochelle
    Multiple pot holes
  • 495 Forest Avenue New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    Homeowner has multiple illegal tenants living in home.
  • Palmer Avenue New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    Pot Holes from 2201 Palmer Avenue until the turn onto Potter Avenue
  • HUGE POTHOLE Archived
    Grand Boulevard And Stratton Road New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    HUGE POTHOLE COVERED WITH A RED CONE at intersection grand boulevard and stratton road. IT HAS BEEN THERE FOR WEEKs.