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  • leveling road Archived
    Memorial Highway new rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    a severe bump at the roundabout exit heading towards Division Street
  • 3 London Terrace New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    Dropped Verizon calls and 3G data
  • Memorial Hwy New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    Are we going to wait until we have a snow storm and then the pot holes become almost a foot deep and them be told we have to wait till the spring to fix them. Get them fixed now when they are starting to deteriorate.
  • garbage Archived
    Stephenson Blvd New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    McDonalds Garbage - all along stephenson blvd and at the park..
  • Kings Highway Archived
    Kings Highway Is Horrible!! New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    Horrible potholes under railroad bridge!!!!
  • Main St Between Stephenson Blvd And Rhodes St New rochelle, Ny - New Rochelle
    Reported from my mobile device
  • Quakerridge Rd. New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
  • Potholes Archived
    157-205 Beechmont Dr New Rochelle, NY 10804, USA - New Rochelle
    This location is the worst but really all of Beechmont from the Lake to North Avenue is a complete disgrace.
  • North End Waverly And Stratton Aves New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    the pot holes are so bad drivers are forced to oncoming lanes.... causing near fatal misses
  • 100 Pelham Rd New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    Graffiti on blue US Postal Service mailbox located on the south east corner of the Pelham Rd/Locust Ave intersection, near the Oakhurst apartment building on 100 Pelham Road.
  • New England Thruway New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    There are dozens of potholes at the EZ Pass Toll Booths in New Rochelle. They have shamefully been there for years! This is what we get for our NYS tolls hikes! Our toll fares at work?
  • Centre Ave New Rochelle, NY - New Rochelle
    Street light is out AGAIN in front of 145 Centre Ave