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  • 52 Davis Ave New Rochelle, New York - New Rochelle
    The stop sign located on the southwest corner of Centre Ave and Davis Ave, in the vicinity of 185 Centre Ave, is defaced with graffiti and stickers.
  • Pothole Archived
    New Rochelle NY 10801, USA - New Rochelle
  • 219 Centre Avenue New Rochelle, New York - New Rochelle
    Graffiti on the blue US Postal Service Mailbox located on the south corner of the Centre Ave / Poplar Place intersection.
  • 270 Centre Avenue New Rochelle, New York - New Rochelle
    Various locations on the grounds of Isaac E. Young Middle School have grass and weeds that are in excess of 2 feet tall and some areas are strewn with litter. Most notable is the hill that faces Church Street, the area outside the cafeteria, and the rear parking lot. In general it seems that any area on the grounds of IEY where the grass must be cut with a weed trimmer has not been maintained for many months. See photos attached to this report.
  • 77 Maple Ave New Rochelle, New York - New Rochelle
    The Senior Citizen crossing sign in the vicinity of 77 Maple Ave, near the Hugh Doyle Senior Center, is defaced with Graffiti.
  • 96 Locust Avenue New Rochelle, New York - New Rochelle
    The properly at 96 locust avenue (north east corner of the Locust Ave -- Union St intersection) is strewn with debris on the rear of the property. Additionally, one of the large bluestone sidewalk pavers on the Union St. side of the properly has been completely lifted up and rests on top of the surrounding pavers. The paver is a significant tripping hazard.
  • 270 Centre Ave New Rochelle, New York - New Rochelle
    Young men are now hanging out at IEY Middle School on a regular basis to smoke pot and drink beer. They typically drive their cars to the end of the teachers parking lot, near the back of Tocci field, in the early evenings to late night. They go onto the former tennis court area to get high while they play soccer. After getting stoned or drunk they go back into their cars. The entrance to the tennis court area is strewn with empty beer bottles, twisted tea cans, and cigar wrappers that are used to make marijuana blunts (see photos attached to this report). The New Rochelle Board of Education needs to keep this area clean and the New Rochelle Police Department should consider regular nightly patrols of this area. Locking the tennis court area with chains at night may become necessary.
  • 14 Bonnefoy New Rochelle, New York - New Rochelle
    The sidewalk in front of the empty lot at 14 Bonnefoy Place is strewn with garbage and tall weeds. The garbage needs to be removed and the weeds cut. Please see the photos attached to this report.
  • 191 Pelham Road New Rochelle, New York - New Rochelle
    Redundant traffic signal lights were removed from the Church St. & Pelham Rd. intersection approximately 1 year ago. Each side of the intersection only has 1 traffic signal light, instead of the usual 2 lights. The remaining single traffic lights on the Church Street parts of the intersection are suspended on the far right-hand portion of the cable that supports the light. Some of the nearby trees have grown out into the street and block the view of the signal lights which significantly decreases safety in this intersection. The Pelham Rd/Church Street intersection is the busiest school crossing in New Rochelle due to the proximity of Trinity Elementary School and Isaac E. Young Middle School. The redundant lights need to be placed back on the intersection or the existing lights need to be repositioned to make them more visible. See the photo attached to this report.
  • 129 Davenport Ave New Rochelle, New York - New Rochelle
    Pothole located in front of 129 Davenport Avenue.
  • 123 Pelham Road New Rochelle, New York - New Rochelle
    The stand-alone store sign in front of the cluster of stores at 123 Pelham Road is blighted and falling apart. The sign should be taken down or at least repaired and resized to comply with signage codes. Also there are dumpsters that sit out in the open in the parking lot. These dumpsters need to be screened.
  • No coral Archived
    91-117 U.S. 1 New Rochelle, NY 10801, USA - New Rochelle
    There isn't a coral around the garbage containers at the Radisson Hotel. I thought it was mandatory to have them.