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  • 268 Varick Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown

    I live a block away from the construction site in an old (pre-1900s) brownstone. The construction shakes the entire building and I can feel the vibrations last for seconds even after the work stops. I and some of the neighbors are worried that the old brownstones can’t take this level of construction vibrations and movements. The building I live in is “delicate” already without it. I think an evaluation of the effect on the surrounding buildings should be done before work continues.

    Not to mention the noise, which is extremely distracting during the day, not only to me, but I’m sure to the students in the school across the street from the construction site.

  • 384 2nd St Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    We have daily groups of teenagers from Ferris H.S. spending their lunch hour on our stoop — private property. They do not have our permission to be there. They litter, make noise and are rather mean if we ask them to move and/or clean up after themselves. Calls to the school have gone nowhere — all they do is tell us to call the police. Can the city help in some other way, or offer concrete suggestions? We don’t want to ruin these kids’ lives; we just want them to stop using private property as their cafeteria and trash dump — and to stop throwing nasty words and glares our way when we assert our rights as property owners. We also want the school to address this domehow, as they’re letting the students out for lunch as a privilege. Thanks for your help.
  • 44-56 Christopher Columbus Dr Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown

    The festival/street fair is way too loud and it has lasted for over 9 hours, which is ridiculous.

    Most of the buildings around this event is residential and I live on 20th floor of the building next to the event. I have been having constant headache today, despite having closed all my windows and curtains.

    Based on the Noise Control Act, the established sound level standards of 50 decibels during nighttime (10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.) and 65 decibels during daytime. Currently it is 9:15pm, the noise is well over 65 decibels - see image attached for a decibel meter, and it has been like this for HOURS!

  • Erie Street And 3rd Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    This intersection urgently needs a stop sign. There is a school just a few steps from intersection and we have seen many incident and recently a crash just a few minutes after kids were released from school. Urgent attention to this issue is needed before something terrible happens. Thank you
  • 530 Jersey Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown

    The way Regional Industries conducts their business is absolutely atrocious and borderline abusive to the residents of Downtown, Jersey City.

    Not only do they start their collection around midnight and run their operation until about 5-6AM seemingly every night, they aren't even efficient about the entire process.

    I've seen their trucks idling in front of my building at all hours of the night. I can't even open my windows due to the exhaust. I've seen their workers yelling at each other, jump off the truck to sprint down the street for no apparent reason, back up down the street instead of driving around the block, and block traffic entirely. I swear sometimes I think they throw away two bottles at a time just to make a racket.

    I haven't been able to get a decent night's sleep for months now and it's affecting my home life. I know (based off of other articles on this site: that I am not the only person who is sick and tired of it.

    This issue is UNRESOLVED and action needs to be taken. This issue needs visibility. I will start documenting such behavior, and I need to know who I should be forwarding it to.

  • 288–302 Grove St Jersey City 07302, United States - Downtown
    The sidewalk outside of 292 Grove Street has been an unsafe eyesore since October 2018. It is now February 2019, and nothing has changed. It becomes a muddy mess during the rain and snow. The sidewalk is uneven and unsafe. Not to mention this is at the footstep of my home and it is unsightly. Why has the sidewalk been allowed to stay in this state for at least 4 months now? And what is the large dirt pile for? I’d really appreciate some answers here. Thank you.
  • 236 Grove Street Jersey City, NJ - Downtown

    Ever since moving here, when I was 5 months pregnant, I have been petrified of the crosswalk at the intersection of Grand Street and Grove Street. Since having my son, my fears of crossing Grand street to get to the shops/restaurants along Grove has grown. On multiple occasions, I have almost been struck by vehicles making a right at the Green Light (while the crosswalk is simultaneously lit). Once, when my baby was a few weeks old, and a few other times over the last 9 months.

    I have also seen other pedestrians JUMP out of the way of oncoming cars. I believe this is due not solely to the carelessness of drivers but because if is extremely difficult to see the crosswalk as it is set off to the side, in the blind spot of oncoming cars.

    I am worried this will only be addressed AFTER a mother/stroller is involved in an accident and would love to help prevent this from happening.

    How can we get a new sign implemented at the light so the crosswalk is made more visible to traffic?

  • Parking issues usps Acknowledged
    247 Washington St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - The Waterfront
    idiots continue to risk lives. Vision Zero....literally.
  • Construction Archived
    Bright St & Varick St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown
    I live a block away from the construction site at the corner of Bright and Varick. They started using what I assume is a pile driver this morning and I can feel powerful vibrations through the floor despite being a block away. I can only imagine what the houses that are in closer proximity are experiencing. Is there a way to monitor the vibrations to ensure that no buildings are damaged? When School #3 was being built, our walls sustained deep cracks that took a tremendous amount of time (and money) to repair. We don't want to go through that again.
  • 540 Washington Boulevard Jersey City, New Jersey - The Waterfront
    Cars parked all day long on protected bike lane, completely blocking the lane, especially on weekends.
  • 25 W Hamilton Pl Jersey City 07302, United States - Downtown

    Is there a child/chaperone ratio enforced at this playground? Does anyone feel there should be? During the week, I repeatedly notice two adults bring in a total of 37 children. This happens almost every week day. The same group. They are unable to attend to such a large group. They get very rowdy, and do dangerous things. (Like 5 children climbing up the wrong end of the slide at the same time). In that particular incident one of the kids was inadvertently pushed off the slide and banged his head on the metal post below. Everytime this group arrives I notice many other parents (including myself) are just forced out

    I would like to add photos but feel it’s inappropriate to post photos of children without parents consent. Can signage be posted to provide guidelines on what is appropriate use of this playground so it can remain a safe place for children to have fun? I think 2 adults to 37 rowdy kids might be pushing it. if there are no guidelines. Should we consider making some?

  • 151–175 Christopher Columbus Dr Jersey City 07302, United States - Downtown
    Multiple cars parked in the bike lane Columbus and Jersey