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  • Construction Archived
    Varick St & Bright St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown
    Pile driving at the construction site on the corner of Bright and Varick (right across from MS3 and MS4. The pile driving is creating thunderous noise and horrible vibration in the entire neighborhood. How are students supposed to learn with this noise?
  • 134–146 Brunswick St Jersey City 07302, United States - Downtown
    New bike station needed. Current station is rusted and paint is peeling. There is also an accumulation of trash between the station and the curb.
  • 311 Grove St Jersey City 07302, United States - Downtown
    Business has installed a camera on the city’s tree. Not sure that’s allowed.
  • 226 Washington St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - The Waterfront
    Reopen the park and remove the no dogs sign.
  • 303 Warren Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Puerto Rican Heritage Festival is taking place in front of my building 50 Columbus. I understand that a festival is supposed to be loud, but not at this level. I can literally feel that the building is rocking, and I cannot stay in my apartment for a minute. Worst of all, it extends over 10 hours. I cannot take a rest for a second, and it drives me crazy. This has to be displaced or the music has to be tuned down.
  • 42-50 Mall Dr W Jersey City, NJ, 07310, USA - Downtown
    The Newport Mall security is blocking pedestrians from walking from the Newport PATH station to the Hamilton Park residential community! This is unacceptable as there is no other alternative other than walking an additional 25 minutes around the mall.
  • 33–69 Montgomery St Jersey City 07302, United States - The Waterfront
    Please remove three abandoned bikes.
  • Erie Street And 3rd Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    There have been numerous accidents at this intersection which is right next to a school. Two that I have a record of, occurred on Friday May 10 and on Thursday May 30. The cars in both cases ended up on the sidewalk where children walk regularly to and from school at times of accident. More accidents have occurred there but I do not have specific dates. As many drivers do not respect this area as residential and speed through the neighborhood in an attempt to get the nearby highway and/or tunnel, they roll through the one way stop sign on 3rd street, while others speed through the intersection heading up Erie. I am a physically healthy adult raised in NYC, and I have feared at times to cross this intersection. Innocent children on the sidewalk do not stand a chance.
  • Thomas Gangemi Dr & Washington Blvd Jersey City, NJ, 07310, USA - The Waterfront

    The bike lanes on the west/southbound side of Washington Street need protective barriers like the east/northbound side has. The southbound lanes also need to be repainted and have signage updated with the correct straight/turn lane indications. "No Right On Red" at Thomas Gangemi Drive, 4th Street, and 2nd Street would also significantly improve the pedestrian and bicycle safety of these intersections.

    Vehicles are routinely using the southbound bike lane and painted median between Newport and 2nd Street as an express right-turn lane, parking lane, and drop-off area, forcing bicycles onto the sidewalk or out into traffic.

    Attached is a photo of a bus using the bike lane as a right turn lane. This evening I took a 66-second video and recorded 10 cars driving, loading, or parking in the bike lane in this 3 block stretch. I also have an 11 minute video showing dozens of incidents including 2 near-misses with bicycles.

  • 535 Monmouth St Jersey City 07302, United States - Downtown
    Sidewalk was destroyed to make way for car parking. It was never repaired and you have to walk in the street now.
  • 380 5th Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Kocher Builders is building across the street and their guys were caught pouring concrete down the sewer drain. So now they put a sieve in the drain and the water does not drain when it rains. This photo taken a couple hours ago and the sidewalk is covered in water and you cannot walk down the street. You have to walk in the street. We cannot put garbage out because the sanitation department will not walk through the water and pick it up.
  • 152-182 2nd St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown
    The trash from Shop Rite dumpster is constantly stinking and its almost impossible to walk on 2nd Street