Central- Broadway Corridor

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Watching issues created after: 2019-01-30

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  • 226 E University Blvd Tucson 85705, United States - West University
    So bad for accessibility
  • Litter Open
    E 22nd St & S Alvernon Way Tucson, AZ, 85713, USA - Tucson Ward 6
    white car bumper/fender in the median near traffic light on 22nd St. east of Alvernon
  • 415 E Mabel St Tucson 85705, United States - Feldman's
    On city side over grown grass
  • 3408 E Grant Rd Tucson 85716, United States - Palo Verde
    Multiple structures have been constructed attached to current buildings creating unsafe and unhealthy living areas resembling homeless camps. Please send code enforcement and issue violations to occupants/owner for take down of illegal structures.
  • 3408 E Grant Rd Tucson 85716, United States - Palo Verde
    There are multiple broken down vehicles and I believe people (possibly homeless) are living in the adjacent buildings to these broken down cars. Please send code enforcement and issue violations as they are a detriment to our property.
  • Litter Open
    3414 E Grant Rd Tucson 85716, United States - Palo Verde
    Debris and Junk piled on vacant lot which creates a nesting area for rodents and pests. Plus this debris is unsightly and lowers the property value of my home located at 3452 E. Grant Road. The owner is unresponsive and this has been an ongoing problem for years. Please send someone to inspect and enforce code violations. Thank You.
  • Litter Open
    2208 E 20th St Tucson, AZ, 85719, USA - Arroyo Chico
    Homeless camp. Can be seen if you are turning off aviation onto 22nd street. Older model ford minivan. Tent is set next to it. There is trash and is one of a few tents or camps on the bike path.
  • Litter Open
    1324 E Edison St Tucson, AZ 85719, USA - Jefferson Park
    illegal dumping of sofa, west side of house
  • 4626 E 17th St Tucson 85711, United States - Toumey Park
    Anywhere between 2-10 cars partially or completely blocking the sidewalks on both sides, in addition to mattresses, furniture etc. Children walk to and from school here and are in danger because sidewalks blocked all the time.
  • 124 W N 4th Ave Tucson, AZ 85705, USA - Iron Horse
  • 3341 E Broadway Blvd Tucson, AZ, 85716, USA - El Conquistador
    Graffiti on wall of vacant lot just east of 3339 E. Broadway Blvd. Highly visible from street.
  • N Stone Ave Tucson 85701, United States - Tucson Ward 6
    NB on Stone on the underpass