Central- Broadway Corridor

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Watching issues created after: 2019-01-30

Notified About

  • 2352–2398 N Vine Ave Tucson 85719, United States - Jefferson Park
    SW corner of Grant/vine across from ward 3 office
  • Litter Open
    2609 N Fontana Ave Tucson 85705, United States - Keeling
    Couch & doors
  • Litter Open
    Address Unavailable - Jefferson Park
  • Litter Open
    2758-2798 N Park Ave Tucson, AZ, 85719, USA - Mountain First Avenue
    Debris and gravel in the road making it hazardous to bicyclists
  • 591 S Stone Ave Tucson 85701, United States - Armory Park
  • Litter Open
    N Treat Ave Tucson, AZ, 85716, USA - Blenman-Elm
    hardware nails in the east bound lanes in front of treat and speedway
  • Litter Open
    3002 E Grant Rd Tucson 85716 United States - Blenman-Elm
    Again the dumpster has been dumped all around by the owners workers trying to clear another crapped out apartment ready for the next victim.
    Recycle bin filled with nothing but trash and dumped on its side for the wind to blow it all over the roadway.
  • Litter Open
    801–855 E Edison St Tucson 85719, United States - Jefferson Park
    Litter in alley just east of Euclid at Edison
  • 3512 E Willard St Tucson 85716, United States - Palo Verde
    Whole Foods shopping cart
  • 226 E University Blvd Tucson 85705, United States - West University
    So bad for accessibility
  • 301 N Joesler Ct Tucson 85716, United States - Sam Hughes
    Electric scooters deposited on private property in an area they are unlikely to be used. When I forwarded this pic to our HOA president on the day they appeared, it was news to him, making the permission aspect problematic.
  • Litter Open
    2208 E 20th St Tucson, AZ, 85719, USA - Arroyo Chico
    Homeless camp. Can be seen if you are turning off aviation onto 22nd street. Older model ford minivan. Tent is set next to it. There is trash and is one of a few tents or camps on the bike path.