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Pothole on Rutherford Street.

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  • 55 Long St New Britain, CT, 06051, USA - New Britain
    Front yard steps wrecked by city plow . 2nd time this winter. Here in NB 30 years. Never happened before
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    52 Lawlor St New Britain 06051, United States - New Britain
    Curb section missing in front of 52 Lawlor St. Southbound lane.
  • Tree Related Archived
    329 Oak St New Britain 06051, United States - New Britain

    The large tree growing directly outside our house is growing into the water pipes under the street. Its roots have damaged the plumbing of our 2-family house as a result.

    Proper plumbing efforts were done on pipes on our property; all that is left is strictly within the City of New Britain’s area of operation. We would greatly appreciate a proper investigation into the pipeline, and a removal of the tree and its roots to restore our plumbing to useable levels. Thank you for your time.

  • Other Archived
    1 Pucci Park New Britain 06051, United States - New Britain
    Swinging power line. It swings all over with strong winds!
  • Pothole Archived
    155 Kensington Ave New Britain, CT, 06051, USA - New Britain
    There's a deep pot hole on the right side of the street closer to the curb
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    861 Slater Rd New Britain 06053, United States - New Britain
    I know it’s a long shot that anything gets done about this, but this stop sign is being consistently run by people going straight on Slater. I had to stop using this route to get home because any time I wanted to turn left onto James from Slater, the person across from me (the perspective of the photo) who was going straight would run it and either nearly t-bone me or I’d nearly t-bone them. I saw that the signs were removed for a short period and it was honestly better that way because people weren’t adhering to them anyway. The city could probably rack up quite a few tickets as long as a car is hidden. And I don’t mean people aren’t waiting the minimum amount of time at a sign. They are completely running it when they see you turning left and they want to go straight. It creates a hazard because you don’t know whether the person approaching the sign across from you is planning on stopping so you sit there impeding the flow of traffic just to ensure you’re safe.
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    407–453 Lincoln St New Britain 06052, United States - New Britain
    Cars are constantly speeding down Lincoln St and plowing through the stop sign. A lot of kids live on this street, and we are extremely worried about one of them getting hurt due to these careless drivers. Speed bumps would be GREATLY appreciated. Our neighborhood would even pay for them.
  • 600 Allen Street - New Britain
    This pallet type fence was put up 2-3 weeks ago...have no idea the reason but it is an eye sore for all neighbors on hatch street. There are also 6 post that were place about 1 month ago...seems to be for a fence but has not been touched since. We would appreciate it if the fence post could be finish so it could block blight on property. This is the lower back end of 660 Allen street apts. Hatch street is on other side.
  • 50 Bay Ave New Britain 06053, United States - New Britain
    I feel bad posting this as these people have never wronged me, but surely this violates an ordinance? This house has been pumping out its water/sewage down the driveway every day where the water then runs down the road creating mud all along the side of the road and in peoples’ driveways until it makes its way to a sewage drain. I’m not sure what the water is from as far as the house itself goes, but there’s a white pipe coming from the house and coming out by the driveway where it spits water out.
  • Ct-9 N New Britain, CT, 06051, USA - New Britain
    I was told they were picking up the leaves yesterday and yet they are still there bagged and on the curb. I don't think the bags can withstand another rainstorm and I refuse to re bag them! They were due to be picked up on week of April 15th!
  • 30 Gladden Street New Britian, CT - New Britain
    When it rains consistently the water will reach the other side of the street. For the water to drain it takes hours.
  • 109 Jubilee St New Britain 06051 United States - New Britain
    Please see picture . The side needs repair from 109 jubilee street down to the stop sign. I was walking my dog the other day and sprained my ankle . The side walk is in horrible condition . Please patch it up .