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Pothole on Rutherford Street.

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  • 183-245 Clinton St New Britain, CT, 06053, USA - New Britain
    It is hard to turn right on to Clinton St. from the corner of Corbin because there are cars there parked at the corner probably going to the store there and there are No Parking signs there. 252 Clinton St. I am so afraid that I may hit someone or a vehicle , and if there is traffic going both ways someone has to either pull more over or you just have to wait for other vehicles to go.
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    118 Lyons St New Britain, CT 06052, USA - New Britain
    Weather is warming up & dirt bikes, mopeds & ATV's are already speeding up & down Lyons St. Even crossing Shuttle Meadow Ave. without stopping. Also loud music from cars that can be heard a block away with windows closed.
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    26 Skipper St New Britain, CT 06053, USA - New Britain
    Numerous ATV's, scooters, and mopeds constantly speed up and down our street with out out care in the world refuae to get out of the way for cars and argue with people. also do not obey the rules of the road as well. Already called the mayor's office and the police but nothing happened with it.
  • Buell St & Glen St New Britain, CT, 06051, USA - New Britain

    are the Police going to do ANYTHING about the absolutely insane and absurd cars that are FLYING down Glen St towards the High School and Willow Brook Park? Cars come whipping down the road and pass cars going the speed limit, and even cars racing side by side each other so close to a school zone, which should actually be besides the point.

    Multiple neighbors we’ve spoken with when we moved into the neighborhood have complained to the city in the past to no avail about getting speed humps installed because there “hasn’t been enough complaints”. what’s it going to take, a kid getting clipped and the driver running off? someone walking their dog or newborn to get hit? enough is enough. maybe the Mayor needs to step up and see what’s going on over here, or will she just call me names on her Social Media for complaint about something that’s not on her agenda, or for not asking nicely enough. as a Mayor Stewart voter and constituent, something needs to be done

  • 199 Linwood St New Britain 06052, United States - New Britain
    Every storm this car stays parked on the street and street doesn’t get cleaned.
  • Church St New Britain, CT, 06051, USA - New Britain
    Our street has become a thru way for excessive speeding cars. I titled this request in hopes it would shock you and cause a change here. Last summer our neighbor's puppy was hit by a speeding car who jumped the curb and killed the puppy on his own lawn.
    This street needs a speed bump. I guarantee if the town put a little more effort in listening to it's people then it does to drawing honeycombs and closing down streets to paint more honeycombs, then I would feel safer walking my 10 month old in her stroller without the fear of being hit by a car. This city has had its history of hit and runs and fatalities due to speeding. I ask my request have some action to it. Please. For our kids. For all the church patrians on this block. Show you care.
  • 52 S Burritt St New Britain, CT 06052, USA - New Britain
    Gold Nissan, no plates, 2 flat tires, parked there for months. neighbors reported this months ago but its still there.
  • 268 Lawlor St New Britain, CT, 06051, USA - New Britain
    Driving crazy up and down the street
  • 38 Coolidge St New Britain, CT, 06052, USA - New Britain
    There has been a huge influx of vehicles speeding down Monroe street and running the stop sign at Coolidge St intersection.
    Also many speeders on Coolidge street coming off of Winthrop street. This would be a great place for a speed bump
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    293 Linwood St New Britain, CT 06052, USA - New Britain
    Now that Linwood St. has been paved on the Klingberg end, people and/or kids are niw speeding up & down the hill on mopeds & ATV's.
  • 248 Linwood St New Britain, CT 06052, USA - New Britain
    There should really be a stop sign on Norden Street at the Linwood Street end. People seem to feel like they dont have to stop when turning onto Linwood. Dont see how there has never been one there.
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    64 Roxbury Rd New Britain CT 06053, United States - New Britain
    At least five unrelated people living in house