La Porte

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Watching issues created after: 2019-02-12

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  • 1618 Houston Ave Houston 77007, United States - Rice Military
    The Bluebonnet owners continue to park on Houston Ave very close to the Summer street curb. They have been asked to stop because it is illegal and makes exiting Summer onto Houston very dangerous. Please put in a ‘No parking to curb’ sign.
  • City Engineer Archived
    2613 Beauchamp Street Houston, TX 77009 United States - Greater Heights
    In January 2021 & last Monday, 3/15/2021 Pam Lowe, William Lowe, Ben Stroman & Julia Lowe Stroman illegally contracted with USIC & Francisco Valadez of Backbone Plumbing to - without my prior knowledge or consent - trespass onto my property at 2613 Beauchamp Street of which I am the sole owner, for the purpose of “hijacking” & attempting to usurp for the purpose of construction of a new home on a vacant lot next to blue house on White Oak Drive that said named individuals own. Per Ben Stroman the COH gave Pam Lowe permits to do personal plumbing work on White Oak Drive in a surreptitious manner so as to prevent Lisa Cashiola Coleman from knowing the intent of said four individuals. Harris County Constable Sergeant Davis met with Lisa Coleman at her property in January 2021 at which time he called Harris County Civil Deputy Bennett who stated that said four individuals & Pam Lowe specifically have no legal right to trespass onto Coleman’s property in an attempt to take the property for their own personal use. On Monday 3/15/2021 Pam Lowe showed up at Coleman’s property with 2 USIC trucks for the purpose of digging into Coleman’s property for the sole purpose of building & plumbing a new home for Julia Lowe Stroman & Ben Stroman. Harris County Deputy Betancourt ordered USIC & Pam Lowe off Coleman’s property. Formal complaints have been filed against said individuals with the Texas Plumbing Board.
  • 1502 Elmen St Houston 77019, United States - River Oaks
    Couch and cabinet abandoned on side of road
  • Street Hazard Archived
    802 Lovett Blvd Houston Tx 77006 - Montrose
    Leaning network pole - can fall over any minute. There is NO information on pole to contact correct person for repairs. CenterPoint isn’t claiming the pole as theirs. This pole is leaning on a tree branch that will eventually fall. Everyone I’ve contacted keeps sending me to someone else.
  • 1110 Fowler St Houston Tx - Rice Military
    Street light at corner of Nett and Fowler has been strobing for weeks. Please fix.
  • Other Acknowledged
    5301 Center St Houston 77007, United States - Rice Military
    Parking enforcement and/or additional signage needed on the north side of the 5300 block of Nett St
  • 2345 Glen Haven Blvd Houston 77030, United States - Rice
    Trash was not picked up today on the north side of 2500 block of Blue Bonnet Blvd. Please pick up trash
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    306 North St Houston 77009, United States - North
    Couch cabinet mattress and miscellaneous trash all dumped around dumpster. Rat and rodent problem.
  • Traffic Signs Acknowledged
    Greenbriar Dr @ Bissonnet St Houston, TX 77098, USA - Rice
    At the intersection of Greenbriar and Bissonnet, Greenbriar is a one way street headed south bound. However, there are no clear indicators that this street is one way, and I frequently see cars turning from Bissonnet onto Greenbriar in the wrong direction. This could very easily cause a traffic incident. We need "wrong way" signs at this intersection so that folks know not to drive north on Greenbriar.
  • S Gessner Rd @ Bissonnet St Houston, TX 77071, USA - Bellaire
    lights are flashing at gessner and bissonet intersection
  • 6235 Beechnut St Houston 77074, United States - Meyerland
    Bandit sign in right of way westbound on Beechnut before Bissonnet “Consejero”
  • 7606 Clarewood Dr Houston, TX 77036, USA - Bellaire
    Graffiti on the side of the building facing Marinette.