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this new format is hard to deal with. I just wanted to report a pothole next to Josie de la cruz luck. What was wrong with the old format? For some reason, a lot of my watch area is in the bay! And includes half of the Bay Bridge!

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  • Vintage Auto Service 4721 Tidewater Ave, Oakland, CA, 94601, USA - Arrowhead Marsh
    There are multiple pot holes at the intersection of Lesser Street and Tidewater. Some are over 12" deep and they are causing damage to vehicles. Please correct this issue ASAP. Thank you.
  • 626-648 59th St Oakland, CA, 94609, USA - Bushrod
    This slide has been broken for at least 5 years. Unacceptable for a playground that gets this much use.
  • 1511 Prescott St Oakland 94607, United States - Prescott Oakland Point
    Homeless encampment popping up on Frontage and 16th St. Individuals have been seen creating and throwing garbage all over the place. Indication of drug usage. Encampment is right next to the Station House Community- where many families and children are living.
  • 800–830 36th St Oakland 94608, United States - Longfellow
    Huge pothole about 4 feet wide. It has grown so much that it is difficult to straddle with a car. Very hazardous situation as cars coming off the freeway swerve to avoid it.
  • 42nd St Oakland 94609, United States - Temescal
    The homeless encampment on 42nd st under the freeway seems to have fallen off the city cleaning schedule. Both sidewalks are full, debris everywhere, massive piles of garbage. Dozens of tents. It seems they could really use waste bins and a portable toilet seeing as there are probably 30-40 people. The road has become very dangerous for cyclists because its basically become a one lane road through.
  • 16th St & Mandela Pkwy Oakland, CA 94607, USA - Oak Center
    Bucket of urine & feces dumped on Mandela Parkway. it is now double-bagged and has been placed next to the trashcan on the center walkway, at 16th Street & Mandela Parkway. Please dispose.
  • 5615 Miles Ave Oakland, CA 94618, USA - Shafter
    a homeless couple has lived here for the last month at least and their belongings, trash and feces litter this open space. in addition to the trash, the man is verbally abusive to his partner and passersby and has shoved and yelled at her regularly.
  • 3000–3064 Union St Oakland 94608, United States - Clawson
    Box truck with license plate 8D92733 has been in the same spot since at least April 7. It was not moved for street cleaning Thursday April 11.
  • 4026 Brighton Ave Oakland, CA, 94602, USA - Trestle Glen
    Brighton Ave, north of Park Blvd, between Hwys 13/580 is riddled with potholes and deteriorating asphalt. A very serious problem is the gravel which comes loose and cascades down the street. It creates traction problems for vehicles (one actually slipped backwards and hit another car) and for pedestrians who slip and injure themselves on the steep, gravelly pavement.
  • Medford Ave Oakland 94603, United States - Elmhurst Park
    Debris dumped at the entrance of 98th into the Arcadia park community.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    Forest St Oakland, CA, 94618, USA - Shafter
    Couple living on Forest under BART. Habitually urinating and defecating in public. Violent and threatening with each other. Argumentative and combatant with passerbys and exposing themselves to children.
  • 5464 Locksley Ave Oakland 94618, United States - Shafter
    HUGE pile of discarded junk and shopping carts filled with garbage, at Locksley and Forest under the freeway.