Woodbridge Township

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  • Rt 1 & 9 North Woodbridge, NJ - Iselin
    Rt. 1 & 9 North between W. pond rd. by the Pizza Hut Hopelawn, to Hess gas stations Rt. 9 Woodbridge. Complete road milling and replacement needed. TERRIBLE!
  • pothole Archived
    Oak Tree Rd. & Plymouth Dr. - Iselin
  • 18-32 N Wood Ave Edison, NJ 08820, USA - Iselin
    by st.cecelia's and into green street!!!!!
  • 1281-1283 Oak Tree Rd Iselin, NJ 08830, USA - Iselin
    many small potholes... and in a line..
  • Cherry Street Iselin Nj 08830 - Iselin
  • Route 9 1 and 35, Woodbridge/Avenel, NJ 07001, USA - Iselin
    This is the only way to get back onto Route 9 S from Rt 9N. You have to get onto Rt. 1 take the jug handle onto Rt. 35 N, then cross 3 lanes of traffic to get to the light, make a left to get back onto Rt 1 and cross another 3 lanes to get back onto Rt 9S. very Dangerous
  • Kenndy Park School #24 - Iselin
    most of the paths were repaced recently except.. the really bad ones on the main path to the school there are bulges and sink holes in between the crumbling path
  • 43 South Walnut Ave Iselin, NJ - Iselin
    Family of 85 yo man requesting someone to shovel driveway so the caretaker can get in and out. Driveway is on a hill. There is no sidewalk.
  • Fairview Ave Colonia, NJ 07067, USA - Iselin
    The stretch of road in Merrill Park before Outlook Avenue is in dire need of repair!! The potholes and "craters" are so large it looks like a fault line down the center of the lane. VERY DANGEROUS for motorcycles!!!
  • Oak Tree Rd Iselin - Iselin
    VERY bumpy road surface Oak Tree Rd. by St. Cecelias before Rt. 27
  • Elizabeth Ave iselin - Iselin
    Myself & my neighbors are sick & tired of people speeding (& I mean speeds of 40 or more) down Elizabeth Ave in Iselin- which is a 25 MPH road. The teenagers drag race SIDE BY SIDE down the street! People do not stop at stop signs (ex- huge accident at the end of the road this past Sunday night- 08/15/2010). Besides our house having 2 small children, there are numerous families on the block with young kids. The Summer time is bad with speeders, but once school starts, it gets WORSE. JFK HS is around the corner, & the kids come speeding down the road like a bat out of hell when school lets out or if there is any activity there. Our fear is that 1 day, 1 of these kids is going to: (A) Hit a child & kill or seriously injure them, (B) the same as above but with an elderly person or anyone else, &/ or (C) lose control of their car & hit someone's car or run up into someone's lawn & house.
  • 29 Trento St Woodbridge Township, NJ 08830, USA - Iselin
    right side of the street ( edge is crambling) needs to be paved ( asphalt). it's like a long pothole about 6 feet long and 8 inches wide, as soon as you exit a parked car, you step right on it.