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The area roughly circumscribed by York, Grove, Crown and I-91.

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  • 26 Center St New Haven, CT 06510 - Town_Green

    Connecting these empty lots and parking lots (visible on the satellite image) should be a priority.

    A new street would activate and provide more window frontage on blocks that are currently far too wide, therefore tremendously increasing the potential for real estate development and new tax revenue for the city.

    Models can be found from elsewhere in New Haven, for example, the Temple Street Plaza, which breaks down a large block into a series of pathways connecting College, Chapel, Temple and Crown. What makes cities successful these days are the "nooks and crannies" like these.

    Other small streets in New Haven have since disappeared due to urban renewal. For example, Pitkin Plaza, now home to 360 State, used to be a small street.

    See here for additional discussion of the idea, recently presented by architect George Knight: The proposed street should be extended all the way to the Coliseum Site and perhaps tie in, through an indoor arcade, to the Federal Plaza (former Court Street) located just north of Chapel, between Orange and Church.

  • 641-699 Chapel St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Wooster Square
    Traffic flow on Chapel goes from two lanes to one across the intersection of Olive but no lane is marked. Note the merge sign is obstructed by branches and placed only after the merge occurs. A simple fix of a turn only lane on Chapel turning left onto Olive is an easy fix and will avoid accidents.
  • 202 238 Temple St New Haven, CT - Downtown

    Earlier this week I thought it would be nice to buy a lunch at a nearby cafe and take it out on the Green to eat. Think again---

    Nearly ever bench in the green is being used by homeless people to sleep on and hang out on all day and all night. Many of them are trashed (the benches and the homeless dudes). Even when you find an empty bench it is surround by the trash they leave behind.

    When I say I want this issue "fixed" I don't mean sterilizing the homeless, and I realize times are tough. I just wish that everyone could use the green and it wasn't a rough sleeping encampment treated like junk by derelicts.

    At the outdoor concert last weekend, police came around and forced people to leave their post-concert eating, drinking, and conversing at 10pm. Do they make the homeless people leave? No. Seems like the wrong set of priorities for use of public space.

  • 157 Church St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Town_Green
    If you’re a Red Sox or Cubs fan in Connecticut who is fired up about the prospects of seeing the two teams face off in their first series at Fenway Park since the 1918 World Series, Fox Sports is putting a damper on your Saturday viewing plans. More here:
  • 2-20 Academy St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Wooster Square
    An expensive Porsche parks on Academy all year bearing Vermont plates. Good neighbors pay their fair share. The rest of the community makes up the difference with higher taxes.
  • Wooster Sq New Haven, CT - Wooster Square
    Is there anything that can be done to halt the installation of the large DeLauro memorial sculpture in Wooster Square Park until it has been discussed fully?
  • 528 Chapel St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Wooster Square
    There is a constant stream of dangerously fast traffic on Chapel Street in Wooster Square. This is a residential neighborhood with a lot of pedestrians and a school nearby. The City needs to install some traffic calming measures to make this area safer for residents.
  • Chapel And State New Haven Ct - 770 Chapel Big

    A dozen or more bikers paused at this red light, looked around, then all blew right through it.

    Either you want to be treated like other vehicles and respected as such, or not. Don't make other cyclists look bad by playing by your own rules. If you want to share the road, then obey the traffic laws.

  • 383-501 State Street New Haven, CT - Downtown
    City Officials in New Haven are resistant to consider this great route for a cycling path because they are concerned that Amtrak will not grant and easement. Given past experience that is understandable but maybe citizens could help work the problem. Does anybody have contacts at Amtrak so that residents could start a conversation with them about using this easement? It would be really sad to let past bureaucratic relationships get in the way of this great solution.
  • 228 Elm St New Haven, CT - Downtown

    Whenever it rains, a puddle forms in the roadway on Elm Street at the the southwest corner with High Street (right in the crosswalk). I believe the puddle results from a depression in the roadway that prevents the water from draining into the nearby storm drains. The puddle is large and right near where people must stand while waiting to cross the street. When drivers (especially buses, who have little room to maneuver) drive right through the puddle, they send up a wall of mucky water that splashes all over pedestrians.

    DPW, as soon as the weather dries out, could you please layer on a few more inches of asphalt here to prevent this puddle from developing in the future? Thanks!

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  • 546 Chapel Street New Haven, CT - Wooster Square
  • 310 Saint John St New Haven, CT 06511 - Wooster Square

    We have noticed cars speeding down Saint John St. On a number of occasions, there have been close calls while walking our dog or pulling out of parking spots. The cars seem to be heading down to the far end of the street (the far end away from the intersection of Olive and Saint John), at speeds close to or in excess of 40mph.

    Maybe we need a pedesterian sign or something. We need this fixed!!