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The area roughly circumscribed by York, Grove, Crown and I-91.

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  • 310 Saint John St New Haven, CT 06511 - Wooster Square

    We have noticed cars speeding down Saint John St. On a number of occasions, there have been close calls while walking our dog or pulling out of parking spots. The cars seem to be heading down to the far end of the street (the far end away from the intersection of Olive and Saint John), at speeds close to or in excess of 40mph.

    Maybe we need a pedesterian sign or something. We need this fixed!!

  • New Haven CT - Downtown
    If you rent, and have "on street" parking, you are very likely to somehow, at some point, be snarled into some ridiculous appeals process to get the original parking/towing ticket thrown out, especially if you feel your property was seized unjustly. The fines keep adding up, and the City's 10 towing companies keep fueling up to go make money overnight. This policy is a breach of citizen's 4th amendment rights. We already comply with licensing, registration, and soaring insurance... yet now the city wants more of its on-street parkers. Whether the fine is $50 or $150 dollars, WE DON'T HAVE IT. Plus, we already paid $88 to get our property released from your enforcers. If you are poor, and have a car, you are screwed in New Haven.
  • 721 Chapel Street New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Downtown
    He has done 4 loops and asked if I wanted to take a video.police were called but none have come.
  • 345-397 College St Yale University, New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Downtown

    I will attach the video but the bike was left behind on the green and still sitting here. Police were called and they pursued.

    A women said that she was almost run over as well as a man.

  • State St / Wall St New Haven, CT - Downtown
    working on state st in new haven on thur night and i heard a dog barking in a wooded area near the railroad tracks. i went to the fence line to see where it was coming from but it was so dark i couldnt see . he was barking and barking , it was so hot out still at 11 at night so i hopped the fence and went down to the rail tracks and there was a poor little pitbull tied to a tree. i called animal control and no answer , i called new haven police dept and told them and the dispatcher was no help and she said is the dog mean or injured because animal control will not come out for that unless animal is a danger or injured and i said so your gonna let him stay there till the morning in this heat and poss die ??? she said she would send a police officer . i waited for over an hour still no n.h.p.d . so i called amtrak police since the dog was on there side of the fence and they were great they said they were on there way . 2 officers showed up within min , hopped the fence and went down to the dog but couldnt get him because he was affraid and wouldnt let us near him . so they called new haven police to have animal control respond . after all that animal control came out when they could have came out when i called 2 hours ago . animal control needs to do there job and help animals not look for reasons not to . its not about money , its about helping the animals . there used to be a great person working there years ago and i think his name was bob . he cared for the animals and went out of his way for them . the idiot in charge now gives everyone a hard time when you call about a dog in need of help , it all about the time , overtime cost ect . i think her name is [content removed by administrator] !!! if you dont like working with animals go back to street patrol or are you to lazy ?????
  • 47 Court Street New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square

    Something must be done to slow traffic on Olive Street. Unhampered by any stop signs or lights, cars zip down the street, often ignoring posted pedestrian crosswalks. Dolores Dogolo was struck and killed in October trying to cross the street; it’s now February, and nothing has been done to slow traffic or to secure additional, well-marked crosswalks. Compounding the problem now is the total lack of snow removal from sidewalk curbs; people still need to cross the street, regardless of weather. In order to do that now, we have to climb over snow or take a dangerous, circuitous path. We need new stop signs at the intersection of Court and Olive Streets.

    At the neighborhood meeting last night, many of us discussed how we could slow traffic and ensure the safety of our pedestrians. A worker from the city claimed that a raised crosswalk would be too expensive; the crosswalk at Whitney and Audubon, for instance, cost $300,000. So: two new stop signs should be installed, replacing the “YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS” signs that are currently there and that are currently ignored. The crosswalk-sign that stays in the middle of the crosswalk until it is hit and destroyed by a car should be installed properly.

    In addition, there should be crosswalks painted on all sides of the intersection; as is, only the northern crossing is painted. The sidewalks need to be prepared with proper ramps for wheelchairs and baby strollers.

    This is not a cost-prohibitive project, but it is a mandatory one that must be done as soon as possible. Unfortunately for our community and for the Dogolo family, it is not proactive enough; stop signs and crosswalks should have been installed and painted long before October.


    Your neighbor,

  • 200-224 Greene St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Wooster Square
    Field and playgrounds on Conti School campus were chained and locked on Tuesday (5/17/11). No notices were posted. Many of us are daily users and good stewards of these parks and we we want to know why they are now locked. More importantly, who do we speak with in order to discuss re-opening and care for these important spaces? Thanks.
  • Corner Of Church And Chapel new haven, CT 06517, USA - Town_Green
    white male. mid 20"s usually in red sox apparrel. Every morning pills are dealt in front of the coffee house
  • Church Street New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green

    Marking this under "Public Space" because it severely inhibits the enjoyment thereof for women in New Haven. Repeatedly and on a near-daily basis, I am verbally harassed in the vicinity of Chapel and Church, often in a beyond-lewd manner. (In some instances, the harassers ride their bicycles on the side walk to do so.) Other women also report being similarly harassed as well.

    Can't something be done about this: more police patrols? Flyering? Posters? Pretty tired of this being tacitly accepted behavior in cities.

  • 746 Chapel St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - 770 Chapel Big
    The entry and exit is constantly blocked by bus patrons. It is a safety hazard and a shelter needs to be placed away from the entrance. You can donate to a temporary bench for this bus stop here:
  • 227 251 Greene St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Wooster Square
    House on corner of Greene and Chestnut is in foreclosure. Electricity is ON in the evening & through the night on the third floor.
    Window screen on second floor is thrown on the roof and a wire/cord or rope is hanging out the window. *** Coincidentally there has also been a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood, since the lights have been on.
  • 1-47 Center St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Town_Green

    There have been too many shootings here. The outside area is also too loud for this neighborhood. This one bar is destroying new haven from the center outwards.

    Should we stop eating at Bentara because it is no longer safe?