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  • Pine St And Cross St Central Falls, RI - Pawtucket
    What used to be Paramount and the mills have Glass on sidewalk and overgrown weeds. No place for me to walk by dog without getting his paws cut.
  • 41 Madison Street Pawtucket, RI - Pawtucket

    older gentleman in need to shoveling help, 41 Madison Street. Contact me for name, phone #. Thank you!


  • Missed trash Archived
    2 Colvin St Attleboro, Massachusetts - Pawtucket
    Missed trash
    and two neighbors
  • Marrin Street Pawtucket, RI - Pawtucket
    The entire street starting at Comstock, through Marrin, all the way to George St needs to be repaved. The huge gaps and potholes are absolutely ridiculous! The worst section is around Marrin at Garden Street.
  • I95 Central Falls, Rhode Island - Pawtucket
    Coming southbound from MA, all the lights are out when you get into RI. Northbound lights are also out.
  • Street light Archived
    818 Central falls, Rhode Island - Pawtucket
    Pole 102 street light dims out all night long. This a street light that should be fixed it's on a main road and for safety issues.
    Thank you
  • Interstate 95 Pawtucket, Rhode Island - Pawtucket
  • 200 Bristol Ave Pawtucket, RI - Pawtucket
    They are constantly starting wood/junk fires. There are a lot of children and a high concentration of homes. This needs to stop for the neighboring residents health.
  • pothole Archived
    280 Division Steet Pawtucket, RI - Pawtucket
  • Interstate 95 Pawtucket, RI - Pawtucket

    Coming in from Mass, I've been noticing in the last year, that most of the lights north/south bound are all out. If you count them the number of not working lights out numbers the one that work.

    Same thing happens in I 195 and 114 overpass.

    During nigh time makes it very dangerous to drive in those areas, specially if the weather is not great.

  • 40 Highland St. Pawtucket, RI - Pawtucket
    The street light at this location has been dying for the past 2 months and is now burnt out. This creates a safety hazard since it is one of the only lights on the street.
  • 71 Auburn St Pawtucket, RI 02860, USA - Pawtucket
    Lippitt Park