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Forest Hills area

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  • Forest Cir Danville, VA, 24541, USA - Danville
    Corner of Forest Circle and Parkview and corner of Forest Circle and Brandon court have overgrown shrubs in the island that completely block line of sight when stopping at the intersection. Thanks!
  • Power out Archived
    317 Hawthorne Dr Danville, VA, 24541, USA - Danville
    There was a loud boom like a transformer blew up and then power went out in this area
  • 312 Linden Dr Danville, VA, 24541, USA - Danville
    Please don't make a special trip with the leaf truck just for these unbag leaves but if the leaf truck is in the Forest Hills area please pick up at 312 Linden Drive curbside unbagged leaves.
  • 495 W Main St Danville, VA 24541, USA - Danville
    Contractor working on house across from 495 W Main removed cable and left dangling on sidewalk in front of driveway of 495 W Main and 2nd cable wrapped around power pole at 494 W Main.
  • 495 W Main St Danville, VA 24541, USA - Danville
    Why are the children's swings at Ballou Park playground placed so high off the ground? My 5 yo granddaughter and myself were at the playground on Mon 5/06 and all of the many children using the swings had to be lifted onto the swing seat. As a playground for kids, not being able to get on the swings, unless lifted by an adult, is ridiculous. Please fix this for parents and kids. Thank you.the
  • 312 Linden Dr Danville, VA, 24541, USA - Danville
    Lots of paint cans on the curb
  • 126 Primrose Ct Danville, VA 24541, USA - Danville
    I've noticed several trees on Memorial Drive going towards West Main Street that are leaning towards traffic. I just wanted to bring it to your attention, just in case no one else as noticed it. Thank you to everyone for all of your hard work!
  • 480 W Main St Danville, VA, 24541, USA - Danville
    The area behind the curb at 480 W Main has been washed out since Michael. The new sign is labeled #201. (The first sign fell over long ago as seen in the photo.) It could be due to a faulty roof drain at the curb. However, a second spot has also sunk since then.
  • 480 W Main St Danville, VA, 24541, USA - Danville
    I turned this in as a service request a few weeks ago. City crews immediately filled in the holes the next day, but I don't believe any investigation/repair of the roof drains was performed. The first hole reopened after the first storm a few days after the repair. after this weekend, the second hole reopened.
  • 509 W Main St Danville, VA, 24541, USA - Danville
    I've walked past this driveway for about 2 years now and this is still there. The tree chunks are spread in the driveway and pushing against the concrete retaining wall to the left. Seems like it wouldn't allow water to drain down the driveway. I have heard others complain, but this is still there. Belongs to the house on the right. Is this violating any city ordinance/code?
  • Tennis Court Archived
    Ballou Park Danville, VA, USA - Danville
    The net has snapped on the Tennis Court and the cracks are becoming dangerously large.
  • Other Archived
    143 Linden Dr Danville 24540 United States - Danville
    Large tree limb fell from tree in city ROW into street, owner dragged to edge of curb for traffic flow, but needs pick up (and cut into bite size pieces for disposal)