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  • 44095 - Eastlake
    @ 5pm (ish) the E 305 Exit Ramp gets back up. People on 305 constnatly run the light and block the intersection. Sometiimes now cars get through. I've waited over 20 minutes to get off the exit ramp. The lights at that intersection need to be adjusted horribly and a police officer should ticket violators (people running lights)
  • Lakehurst Drive 44095 - Eastlake
    So tired of the hondas, and the rice burners speeding down my street late at night, and early in the morning. Their stereos are so loud my windows shake, and their cars are really gonna hit and kill someone or something. Some live on Lakehurst, some live on Shore, and some on Bayshore. I could tell u where most of these young men live, and they should speed elsewhere such as on the freeway where the police will catch them!
  • 35001 Lakeshore Blvd Timberlake, OH 44095, USA - Eastlake

    What is it going to take for Timberlake police to realize that public safety is more important that catching everyone that commits a minor infraction in their little area?

    My family and I were on our way home from dinner Wednesday night and turned right on to Lakeshore Blvd and out of nowhere the Timberlake officer almost sideswipes me (WITHOUT LIGHTS OR SIREN). He gets behind a car and pulles it over.

    Timberlake Officers!!! If one person gets away there will be another that comes along within a few minutes. Stop being so gunghoe and relax before one of you kill someone that is simply driving with their family.

  • Stevens Blvd Eastlake, OH - Eastlake
    This road has to be on top of the worst roads in Eastlake. There is potholes Everywhere which requires one to do some serious swerving to try and miss, and if someone isn't paying close attention to the opposite driving traffic, a head on collision is going to happen. Also as Frank Horvath has stated, there is some large potholes as well driving into Valley Creek.
    Mayor, how about using some of our ridiculously high taxes and fix this problem. I understand Stevens Blvd will be getting a blacktop layer when the weather breaks, but until then, get your crews out there to patch these holes before someone gets hurt.
  • Lakeshore Blvd - Eastlake
    Have seen way too many people texxting and driving. If you are driving you cannot be 100% focused on your surroundings, Watch the no phone zone episode on Oprah.com and sign the pledge. Eastlake pass a law that counts, because loved ones lives depend on it!
  • S Lake Shore Blvd Eastlake, OH 44095, USA - Eastlake

    Whats nicer than a brand new road? The teens love to drag on it!! A 17 yr. old with a black Camaro (temp tags) went down the street three times at over 70 mph today! He was clocked at 71mph (see photo) with a handheld radar gun, which is very accurate. There is also a yellow Dodge pickup (we'll get your plate and post it here) that loves to go hammer down.

    There are about two dozen young children on this street. What will it take....one to get killed? 71mph in a 25....are you kidding me? This street is a bad accident waiting to happen.

  • E 342nd St Eastlake, OH 44095, USA - Eastlake
    There is a walkway through this area for the neigborhood kids to access the local park and pool. This is a HIGH TRAFFIC area because people use it as a cut through to get the the local stores and avaoid the heavy traffic on Vine Street and 91. I have watched thousands of times people speeding through this area, running through the stop sign for traffic going down 342nd onto Eastlawn, and I have witnessed many people driving their cars into the potholes when they turn down Eastlawn, and I have witnessed people driving so fast they have lost control of thier vehicles coming down Eastlawn onto 342nd where there is no stop sign or a gaurd rail at this corner. Why hasn't the city intervined and simply placed a stop sign and a gaurd rail at the corner of Eastlawn and 342nd to help slow traffic down to keep the kids safe??? Not to mention repair the badly tore up corner where there are huge potholes from people speeding through the area and driving through the stop sign. Instead the city places small poles on the corner of 342nd and Eastlawn and throughout the neighboring streets. I have seen no improvement, and you can barley see they are there...REALLY EASTLAKE!?!?. People continually speed through the area and it is just a matter of time before someones child is hit by a car. THIS MUST BE FIXED!!!
  • 35300 Vine St eastlake - Eastlake
    During this construction season people keep blocking the intersection of 91 & vine st. Maybe a sign or police citing people might help this situation. All this does is back up traffic more.
  • Shelton Blvd Eastlake, OH 44095, USA - Eastlake
    We have a bunch of little kids that live on this street and cars are constanting speeding up and down Shelton. I am not talking 35 mph, it is more like 40 or 50.
    There was a stop sign at Willow but then someone complained and it disappearred. PLEASE STOP SPEEDING CARS ON SHELTON NOW BEFORE SOMEONE GETS HURT. Most of the cars speeding do not even live on Shelton. They come down our street because there are no stop signs.
  • E 332nd St Eastlake, OH 44095, USA - Eastlake
    Every day I see a red pickup truck driving very fast down our street.
    I think perhaps he may even live on this street. I will try to get his license number, and I invite my neighbors to do the same. This person needs to be stopped.
  • Som Center & Curtis Boulevard Eastlake, OH - Eastlake
    I am not sure why they changed the East & West traffic lights to go at the same time. I've seen just about 4 - 5 accidents a day around 5pm because if it.
  • 33700 Vine St. Eastlake, OH - Eastlake
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