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  • 2010 Macarthur Blvd Oakland 94602, United States - Upper Dimond
    Full and overflowing
  • 3860 El Centro Ave Oakland 94602, United States - Glenview
    Mattress and box spring dumped on El Centro near entrance to Sausal Creek trail
  • 1422 Macarthur Blvd Oakland, CA 94602, USA - Glenview
    At this intersection the lights are flashing red causing the Traffic jam between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. please fix
  • 1738 Excelsior Ave Oakland, CA, 94602, USA - Glenview
    This is a series of large craters that make walking and driving dangerous. In addition to the horrible condition of the road; the painted "STOP" cannot be read. This is located at the CORNER of Excelsior and Linwood Ave.
  • El Centro Trailhead (Dimond Canyon) El Centro Ave, Oakland, CA 94602, USA - Glenview
    junk pulled from Creek by FOSC volunteers. please pick up
  • 4683 Benevides Ave Oakland 94602, United States - Glenview
    Bags of vegetation from volunteers for Friends of Sausal Creek.
  • 3741 Park Boulevard Way Oakland, CA, 94610, USA - Trestle Glen
    White ford
  • 4330 Townsend Oakland - Glenview
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    East 38th Street And Glen Park - Glenview
    I am a Special Assistant with Councilmember Gallo’s office and submitting this request on behalf of a concerned constituent. She submitted a request in August 2018 requesting a crosswalk at the intersection of E. 38th St/Glen Park which was closed stating lack of funds. This area has many families with small children and will be busier with students once Glenview Elementary School re-opens next August. Please let us know what the status is regarding available funds for this type of request.
  • 3800 Greenwood Ave Oakland, CA, 94602, USA - Trestle Glen

    Black Chevy 4 Door SUV, Goodyear Wrangler tires, cobwebs developing. Just in on the corner of 3800 Park Boulevard and 3800 Greeenwood Avenue. Has been there 4-6 weeks +.

    License Plate: 4SUW643

  • 1950 E 38th St Oakland 94602, United States - Glenview
    Completely blocked sidewalk
  • 3630 Park Blvd Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Trestle Glen
    the truck has been parked in this spot for 3 plus years. I contacted owner last year and he tried to bribe me. reg is out of date and tickets are on the window. please tow. he is using this to advertise