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  • 9607 9615 Maryland 97 Silver Spring, MD 20910, USA - Silver Spring
    Last street light on the Forest Glen Metro walking bridge is out and needs to be fixed. This is the pole light located on the bridge near Lansdowne and Georgia Avenue. It has been out for nearly a year and has not been fixed despite numerous complaints. Area gets very dark at night and has had problems with vandalism and theft from autos. Please fix this light.
  • 401 Rhode Island Ive. Nw Washington, DC - Ledroit Park
    There is no cross walk on the north side of Rhode Island Ave on Florida Ave. making this an extremely dangerous location to cross while walking to the Shaw Metro Stop or riding the G8 bus toward Farragut Metro as most of us do in the mornings. I have seen many close calls at this crossing location.
  • 2738 Prosperity Ave. Vienna, VA - Merrifield
    Cars often fail to stop and often speed up when pedestrians are crossing the road on the crosswalk from the Dunn Loring Metro across Prosperity Ave.
  • 2038-2048 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA 22201, USA - Colonial Village
    The ever present panhandlers loitering the Courthouse Metro stop have become increasingly more aggressive lately. They seem to be younger too. Today I watched a man pursue an elderly woman in a deliberately threatening manner while panhandling. Clearly she was victimized for her demographic, as another person engaged in a similar manner may have been justified to react physically. This needs to be cleaned up ASAP.
  • Pedestrian Crossing West Hyattsville, MD - Ward 5
    At the intersection of Ager Rd and Hamilton Street (right in front of the KFC) there is a "pocket" for cars making the right turn from Hamilton to Ager. Most drivers treat as an invitation to accelerate into the turn, ignoring the fact that pedestrians crossing Ager Road (many either going to or coming from the West Hyattsville Metro Station) have the right of way.
    While there is a YIELD sign advising motorists making the right to yield to traffic on Ager Road. there should be a sign advising motorists to yield to pedestrians attempting to cross Ager Road.
    The exisence of this dedicated "right tun pocket" is a big part of the problem. If it did not exist I am sure motorists would exercise more caution in yielding to pedestrians.
  • U.S. 1 Washington, DC 20018, USA - Eckington

    There is a pedestrian bridge from the Metro station (S of RI Ave) to the N of RI ave, E of the rail tracks.

    Instead of walking down the bridge, under the (unsafe, poorly lit, tiny sidewalked) rail bridge, over a block and up a big hill (also with tiny sidewalks), HUNDREDS of people per day jump over the side of the pedestrian bridge, up a hill, around the rail fence, onto a LEDGE (12 inches and 40 feet above the ground?!!!), cross the tracks and go to the shopping center.

    If it hasn't already, someone is going to get hurt or killed, and I can bet it will be a kid or teenager.

    When hundreds of people per day are risking their lives to save 10 minutes and avoid a creepy area, something needs to be done NOW! I heard there is some long-term plan, but please do it now!

  • Florida Ave And New York Ave NE, Washington DC, United States - Eckington

    There are few if any signs posted in the surrounding Eckington or Bloomingdale neighborhoods explaining the NEW traffic pattern, including a map. Pedestrians and bikers have limited accessibility to walk or use the sidewalk in order to cross Florida and NY Avenues. There are at least five schools within the 6-10 block radius of the project including McKinley Technology Senior High School and Hyde Public Charter School.

    For this project I would propose that DDOT engage people in the community, including children/community members to create signs that are colorful and stand out so people read them and can highlight access points to the new bike trail that safely connects the community to the New York Ave Metro and Union Station.

  • 6704 Metropolitan Center Dr Springfield, VA - Springfield
    1) Cars illegally blocking the fire lane. 2) At side lot, cars park with empty unpaid meters; same cars morning and night. 3) At kiss and ride, cars "triple" park blocking traffic while others honk their horns to get out. 4) Cars drive through stop sign for crosswalk with pedestrians present. 5) Traffic accident outside front of parking garage took police 45 minutes to show up.
  • 1640 7th Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Shaw
    There have been sandbags surrounding metro grates on the median of rhode island avenue at seventh street and on the sidewalk around the Watha T Daniel Library at 7 and R St Nw since hurricane sandy. These bags are old and breaking open and needed to be removed months ago.
  • 3200-3212 7th St Ne Washington, DC 20017, USA - Edgewood
    Traffic calming device to be placed on the west side of the 3200 block of 7th street NE and on the east side of the 3200 block of 7th street NE. cars and metro bus always speeding north bound and south bound on 7th street NE Between Franklin street NE and Monroe Street NE. Car rarely come to a full stop and speed through the stop signs. Metro police on occasion will be parked on the corner of 7th and Jackson street NE in the early AM to monitor traffic. Request for speed bumps be installed to slow down the traffic to the posted speed lot of 25 MPH.
  • All Streets Arlington, VA - Ballston-Virginia Square
    Not just Arlington, but the entire Metro area should post signs for cyclists reminding them that they have the same traffic laws to follow as vehicles. Too many times I've seen near misses because bikers want to ignore the rules of the road.
  • 2600 Business Center Dr Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Taylor Run
    Graffiti on the brick wall between the metro tracks and the complex.