University Park, Texas

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  • 8301-8499 N Central Expy Dallas, TX 75206, USA - m Streets
    The stoplights going East on Lovers over 75 N Central Expy are not timed correctly! There are 3 stoplights to go through, and the furthest west stoplight is Red when the furthest east stoplight is Green. So all the traffic on Lovers goes across Greenville and gets stopped in the middle of the intersection. Once the Greenville stoplight becomes red, finally the furthest west stoplight turns green. It is incredibly dangerous and needs to be fixed! Without fail, every time I go through the stoplight me and about four other cars behind me are trapped in the middle of the intersection of Greenville and Lovers, trying to get across 75 because the furthest west stoplight is not timed correctly.
  • pothole Archived
    Lomo Alto - Bluffview
    huge pothole on Lomo Alto and Lovers .
    on the north east corner. It is probably 8 inches deep and 1 1/2ft wide. right next to Chips restaurant
  • Pothole Open
    Preston Rd University Park, TX - University Park
    Large pothole in right hand lane near curb on Preston Rd approx 20 feet before Northwest Hwy
  • 4519 Normandy Ave Dallas, TX 75205, USA - University Park
    Smells of gas fumes in ally near toll way
  • 3406 Mcfarlin Blvd University Park, TX 75205, USA - University Park
    When crossing Hillcrest @ McFarlin on the north side of the intersection going west (away from SMU) the walk/don't walk sign shows nothing - no red hand, no white walking guy, no words, just plain nothing.
  • 6140 Deloache Tx 75225 USA - University Park
    Alarming amt. of time passes with no radio or tv notification that it is not an emergency. Poor treatment Preston Hollow of tax payers!
  • 5201-5299 E Mockingbird Ln Dallas, TX 75206, USA - m Streets
    The planters on the East Mockingbird Lane overpass over US 75 are full of dead plants and windblown trash that has gotten caught in the branches of the dead plants. I'm not sure if this overpass belongs to the City of Dallas or the Town of Highland Park or the Town of University Park. Maybe that is the problem, but dead plants do not make a very attractive gateway into the Highland Park/University Park/SMU campus area. Someone should do something about this. (Ladybird would be appalled.)
  • pothole Archived
    7210 Centenary Ave Dallas, TX 75225, USA - University Park
    bad pothole on the 7200 block of Centenary Avenue. If it isn't repaired, it is going to be a major pothole instead of a small one.