The Community of Salem

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Watching issues created after: 2019-04-27

Our community needs to do the best to support the city of Salem and help them navigate any problems in need of fixing. Time For Change! let's help our city navigate issues that need to be fixed.

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  • 5 Laurent Rd Salem 01970, United States - City of Salem

    This property has to be looked at ASAP regarding the squalid conditions of the outside of the property. There is 20-30 bags of trash scattered in the front and the overgrowth presents a hazard for first responders needing to enter the house.


    Tim Flynn
    Ward 4 City Councillor 🇺🇸

  • 2-98 Francis Rd Salem, MA, 01970, USA - City of Salem

    There is a homeless camp, which appears to be abandoned on the hill behind the Broad St Playground. There is a lot of trash strewn around the area. There also appears to be medical waste.

    A group of neighbors usually cleans up these sites when they appear, but we are hesitant to do this right now.

    Thank you!

  • 9 Willson Rd Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    asphalt sidewalk I. front of Horace Mann Lab School, just before the driveway entrance to Salem High has a big hole
  • Jefferson Ave & Loring Ave Salem, MA, 01970, USA - City of Salem
    When can the State or City do something about the traffic signal at the corner of Jefferson and Loring when traveling from Jefferson to Loring toward Swampscott that has the yield sign. Can the signal be turned to the left for the lanes exiting to the left or disconnected or the bulbs removed so that people don't stop if the light is red and no cars coming on Loring Ave. Could some kind of a shroud be placed on the lenses that would shield them from the cars taking a right onto Loring. I've been stopped many times behind vehicles taking a right, but stop because the light is red. It can be very confusing.
  • 20 Loring Ave Salem, MA, 01970, USA - City of Salem

    Several pieces of the bike lane barriers along Loring Ave have fallen into the bike lane forcing bikers to quickly swerve out into traffic.

    Not a safe situation.

  • 108 Linden St Salem 01970, United States - City of Salem
    Parking on the sidewalk forcing pedestrians to walk in the street.
  • 9 Laurel St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    Across from 9 Laurel St...tree over growth impeding street light and leaning branch's over middle of street needs to be cut and trimmed.
  • 50 Highland Ave Salem, MA, 01970, USA - City of Salem
    There is an MBTA bus stop in front of 50-52 Highland Ave. There are cars parked too close to the stop. Leaving the bus in the street , blocking traffic and causing riders to go in the street. I know there is a $100 ticket when vehicles don't leave a certain amount of room for buses to pull up and away. Please ticket these vehicles and send the message of no parking.
  • Princeton Crossing 12 Heritage Dr, Salem, MA, 01970, USA - City of Salem
    Waste is making its way from Princeton Crossing in to yards below the parking lot where the dumpsters are lined. We had a facemask in our yard the other day. According to ordnance the dumpsters are either supposed to be screened or enclosed, and are not. Please rectify issue.
  • 2 Emerald Ave Salem, MA, 01970, USA - City of Salem
    Hi, 9 Berrywood Ln didn’t have his 2 recycle barrels out which are both full. Recycle guys have never come before 8 AM before. Any chance getting them back?
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    326 Jefferson Ave Salem 01970, United States - City of Salem
    Missing concrete, collects water, tripping and slipping hazard.
  • Canal St Salem, MA, 01970, USA - City of Salem
    Very dirty, lots of trash/debris on Canal Street. Street cleaning is not done enough, other cities street clean once a month. There should be a trash bin near the bike entrance/exit as lots of people walk their dogs on that path.