Flatbush West of Flatbush Ave

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  • 305 Parkside Ave New York 11215, United States - City Council District 40
    Hello. I recently learned of this capital project in the parade ground to reconstruct the paved pathways of the parade grounds. https://www.nycgovparks.org/planning-and-building/capital-project-tracker/project/9445 I contacted the liaison for the project to bring up some concerns that myself and many members of the community have brought up numerous times to see if we could have them considered in the redesign. They told me I should go through our community board, so I am reporting it here. Our immediate concerns specifically are: 1) that the containers blocking the pedestrian path on the western path through the parade ground are moved. 2) that paths for motorized vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles are clearly marked on the western path, and 3) that the drainage by the flag pole is fixed. The western path is the only path that leads to a traffic light across Parkside ave. and flat entrance to prospect park all the way down to Ocean Ave. As such it is one of the most heavily used corridors for accessing the park for people in our neighborhood. The infrastructure and condition of this corridor has been long neglected and is not serving our needs. Now there is money and a team working on this. We want to make sure these concerns are being met as part of this capital project. Thank you.
  • 525 E 21st St Brooklyn, New York - City Council District 40
    Multiple times throughout the summer, the same group hosts outdoor parties/cookouts late into the night, often going from 8PM - 3AM. This occurs in a small alley/back area on the north side of 525 E 21st St. Because they have a large outdoor speaker and audio equipment, the music is very loud even with the windows shut. Both direct pleas to the group and 311 noise complaints have not remediated the recurring issue. Need Community Board assistance or other pressure on the building's management or superintendent.
  • 553 Marlborough Rd New York 11226 United States - City Council District 40
    The city decided to replace some sidewalks on our block. The dropped 2 huge dumpsters, filled them to overflowing with broken up concrete around April 12 2019 and it took weeks for them to remove the first one. The second one is still here! Who do we call to get this removed?
  • 1419 Newkirk Ave New York 11226, United States - City Council District 40
    Walgreens is not maintaining the sidewalk adjacent to their store on the Marlborough Road side. The flower bins are full of trash and the store doesn’t clean it up.
  • 616 E 18th St Brooklyn, NY, 11226, USA - City Council District 40

    Community requests the DOT to install speed bumps on East 18th street between Newkirk and Foster Avenues. A large daycare is situated at this location and additional pedestrian and car passenger safety measures are urgently needed.

    Thank you.

  • 305 Parkside Ave New York 11215, United States - City Council District 40
    The western path through the Parade Ground has severe drainage problems and is prone to flooding after every rain. Parks dept. has stated that they discovered that the drain isn’t blocked, it just doesn’t connect to the sewer, meaning it just dead ends. In addition the flooding means that the top soil of the ball field is constantly washed away and is an additional expense to keep refreshing. Here are some videos: https://youtu.be/2MYct9a0VDU https://youtu.be/jjxH9Ini6zE https://youtu.be/wRW2CpNE5uY
  • 972 Coney Island Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11230, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    Hate to have to complain but the unpermitted work has looked so unsafe and happening round the clock made us look into this if it was even allowed. Also the use across from the school is not allowed unless they have on site parking. No permits, unsafe and use not allowed according to zoning without substantial onsite parking which they have none.
  • 141 E 21st St Brooklyn, NY 11226, USA - City Council District 40
    this morning at 1:30am an unknown person entered the gates behind the former walgreens n proceeded to climb over the barbed wire fence into the back of 141 e21 street n climbed unto the firescape of 141 e21 street which is the kitchen the apartments and proceeded to climb up the stairs to the roof of said building this gives access to other firescape n unguarded windows..Intentions unknown ..he could be sleeping on the roof or he can just be trying to get inside someone's apt. PLEASE BE ALERT IF U DO HEAR NOICE AT.THE BACK OF WALGREENS N CALL POLICE..
  • 530 E 22nd St Brooklyn, NY, 11226, USA - City Council District 40
    There have been fireworks going off past 12pm most of the past week (6/8-6/15). Last night my partner and I were woken up at 2:15am by the fireworks, and they continued until at least 2:45am. Whoever is setting them off is moving around the neighborhood. I have reported the fireworks to the Fireworks Complaint page on the NYC 311 site. If someone knows these people, please talk to them and ask them to not set the fireworks off so late. It is reasonable to want to sleep through the night. Fireworks going off at 2am is an unacceptable nuisance. There have been fireworks in the neighborhood the past few years, but this year it's particularly egregious and disruptive.
  • 356 Stratford Rd Brooklyn, NY, 11218, USA - City Council District 40
    There is a huge party happening right now in the brand new building on Cortelyou Road, in one of the only occupied apartments. No one is wearing any masks and there are hundreds of young white people gathering upstairs, no Covid precautions taken at all
  • 27 E 18th St Brooklyn, NY, 11226, USA - City Council District 40
    I'm writing this complaint out because for about a year now there has been a generator that runs from early morning to late late at night. This sound is constant, my only piece and quiet are when the thing turns off sporadically. I haven't seen the generator but I know that it's on this street.
  • 141 E 21st St Brooklyn, NY 11226, USA - City Council District 40
    311 says call 911 911 says call 311.who do you speak to get these fireworks off the street in our neighborhood
    2weeks from 8:30 PM to 4am 7 days a week .booom !booom! sounds like a war out there.ny poor dog trembles n cries n his hearts pounds so hard I'm afraid for him..im.afraid for the poor old sick people and the babies that have to listen to this .I'm fed up .!! for real what is the purpose of this fireworks noise? ! please enough already!!!