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  • Beaumont Ave & Macarthur Blvd Oakland, CA, 94602, USA - Lynn-Highland Park
    Driving down Beaumont to make a left turn onto HWY 580 Hayward bound A LEFT TURN LIGHT SIGNAL IS URGENTLY NEEDED. Accidents always occur there due to cars being pressured by time. There is not sufficient time to cross over onto HWY 580 Hayward bound because of the high volume of cars on opposite side. Then the high volume traffic perpendicular come on over. This dangerous problem exist in the AM during commute hours 7AM-9AM, 3PM-5PM. However throughout the day it is also dangerous. Accidents have occurred different times and days of the week. It is also not a zone for pedestrians to safely cross over. A large number of residents on that route have to deal with this problem every morning. And every morning I pray that it's not me who gets hit. It's stresses us every morning.
  • 8000-8498 San Leandro St Oakland, CA, 94621, USA - Woodland

    Homeless encampments between 85th Avenue and 81st Avenue on San Leandro street . My children have been harassed and are now afraid to use the public sidewalks to get to the BART and back home to and from school. Please address the homeless issue in that area. It is unsafe and I don’t want either of my daughters harmed while using that thoroughfare.

    Yesterday a ball came flying in front of my car from that encampment for the second time. The people have no regard for safety. They hop the rail to jaywalk across that busy street as well. ... and their visitors stop in the middle of the roadway to engage in conversation with no regard for incoming traffic.

    A prompt response is appreciated.

  • Sidewalk - Damage Acknowledged
    176 Marlow Dr Oakland - Sheffield Village
    Serious tripping hazard where the sidewalk has broken and tipped up in multiple places.
  • 42nd St & Rich St Oakland, CA, 94609, USA - Temescal
    There are sidewalk ramps for pedestrians to cross both Rich Street and 42nd Street at the Rich/42nd St. intersection and pedestrians frequently cross in both directions, but there are no crosswalks. Since the street has just been repaved at the locations of both crossings (Rich Street and 42nd Street), and since the City will be adding the crosswalks to other locations along 42nd Street, it seems an ideal time to add crosswalks at these crossing, thereby improving the safety of the many pedestrians who cross at those locations.
  • 116 Sheridan Rd Oakland 94618, United States - Upper Rockridge
    Ever since the work on the overpass happened on this part of broadway terrace, there have been a number of potholes and depressions in this area. There is a huge depression right before the entrance to Lake Temescal which wreaks havoc on my car every time I drive over it.
  • 3131 Filbert Street - Clawson
    Silver van. License plate CA 8EJZ132
  • Carson St & Mountain Blvd Oakland, CA, 94619, USA - Leona Heights
    A very large pothole has re-appeared at the stop sign on Carson at Mountain BLVD intersection. I see a couple of other reports from 8 months ago and its true that it was acknowleged and fixed however it has come back even larger. The hole is now 3 x 3 feet and at least 1 ft deep. To avoid this cars are either swerving left over the yellow line or to the right which impedes the other lane. This needs immediate attention as a main corrider that is used by emergency services for access to the highway 13th interchange.
  • 5901-5999 Ayala Ave Oakland, CA, 94609, USA - Fairview Park
    The intersection of Forest and Ayala continues to be a problem, with no traffic controls at this intersection. A minimum of one stop sign is needed, as well as cross walks. Dozens of school kids walk through there daily, and are at danger.
  • Frontage Rd Oakland 94607, United States - Prescott Oakland Point

    Lighting off of highway has extension cords running to RVs since yesterday afternoon. There have been fires here in the past as there is heavy brush.

    This is the light pole on Frontage road between 15th and 16th St.

  • Park Blvd Oakland, CA, 94606, USA - Ivy Hill
    The cross walks on lower Park Blvd are basically non-existent. I cringe every time I see a student/child or elderly person waiting and/or taking the chance to cross when folks are speeding down the 4 lane section of Park. I have witnessed cars fly past and almost hit people, as they are usually going above the speed limit and not paying attention to pedestrians. Not only are the painted cross walks so faded and need an update, it would be great to have caution lights installed for folks to activate when they need to cross to give drivers the heads up to slow down and stop for them.
  • 3601 Peralta St Emeryville, CA, 94608, USA - Clawson
    Tents are building up again about 5 or 6 and their garbage is spreading both sides of the underpass of Macarthur Freeway. Exact location is corner of Watts and Peralta Streets
  • 4162 35th Ave Oakland, CA, 94619, USA - Redwood Heights
    35th ave must be repaved why isnt it on the paving plan? Heavy traffic with potholes that keep opening up ruts, potholes Heavy trucks tear up the upside of the street new holes appear (35th and Libby) after other holes have been filled More accidents and damage WILL happen