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  • 8000-8498 San Leandro St Oakland, CA, 94621, USA - Woodland

    Homeless encampments between 85th Avenue and 81st Avenue on San Leandro street . My children have been harassed and are now afraid to use the public sidewalks to get to the BART and back home to and from school. Please address the homeless issue in that area. It is unsafe and I don’t want either of my daughters harmed while using that thoroughfare.

    Yesterday a ball came flying in front of my car from that encampment for the second time. The people have no regard for safety. They hop the rail to jaywalk across that busy street as well. ... and their visitors stop in the middle of the roadway to engage in conversation with no regard for incoming traffic.

    A prompt response is appreciated.

  • 116 Sheridan Rd Oakland 94618, United States - Upper Rockridge
    Ever since the work on the overpass happened on this part of broadway terrace, there have been a number of potholes and depressions in this area. There is a huge depression right before the entrance to Lake Temescal which wreaks havoc on my car every time I drive over it.
  • 3131 Filbert Street - Clawson
    Silver van. License plate CA 8EJZ132
  • 4162 35th Ave Oakland, CA, 94619, USA - Redwood Heights
    35th ave must be repaved why isnt it on the paving plan? Heavy traffic with potholes that keep opening up ruts, potholes Heavy trucks tear up the upside of the street new holes appear (35th and Libby) after other holes have been filled More accidents and damage WILL happen
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    3549-3569 Broadway Oakland, CA, 94611, USA - Mosswood
    Homeless encampment located in Mosswood Park that has been there for months, people unable to utilize the park safely
  • 1672 13th St Oakland 94607, United States - Prescott Oakland Point
    Our little neighborhood park has become a set up and home for all kinds of unsavory activity with the bathrooms at the focal point. One lock off from inside so a couple of pill dealers can sleep the night off. The other set up like a room to conduct transactions. Nice little business going on while the park slowly deteriorates.
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    Forest St Oakland 94618, United States - Shafter
    Two Homeless individuals sleeping under underpass for over a year. Frequently there is garbage everywhere. Couple (especially the male is very hostile. In addition, there is a male sleeping literally underneath the tracks. This area is filled with garbage and seems like a public hazard as it’s literally underneath the BART tracks and freeway. It’s unfortunate that the City tells me that they can’t move them, but I will keep reporting as this is not ok to let people trash our neighborhood.
  • 3505 Broadway Oakland 94611, United States - Mosswood
    Tax dollars hard at work at the local Mosswood Dog Park. Maybe we should post these on a more public forum to shed light on the fact that our children and pets are supposed to “play” on needles and feces? This is what a $4K 1 bedroom in Oakland gets you.
  • Forest St Oakland, CA, 94618, USA - Shafter
    The homeless couple living on this land is back with trash strewn throughout the area. Multiple carts from local grocery stores and a meaningful amount of trash and debris. Can we organize homes for these people? Kids routinely ride their skateboards and learn how to ride bikes in the BART parking lot adjacent to where this couple is living. This is not a safe environment for people to be living in.
  • 3515 Boston Ave Oakland, CA, 94602, USA - Upper Dimond

    Car has no front plates, the back temporary plate is expired.

    Driver operates vehicle while intoxicated as well.

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    5th St & Mandela Pkwy Oakland, CA 94607, USA - Acorn-Acorn Industrial
    Homeless encampment. Trash piling up. crime activity during day & night. Street is being taken up by the parked cars and fence.
  • 9736 Lawlor St Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Toler Heights