Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas

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  • 2200 Perryton Dr Dallas 75224 - Southwest Dallas
    Popsicle sales have increased on Perryton Dr. in front of Kiest Park. Problems include: being posted in the street for hours, interrupting the flow of traffic on a very busy street, litter from customers throw their trash on the ground and breaking the city code by entering the park for sales. I have over 30 pictures of infractions.
  • 2064-2280 West Ledbetter Drive Dallas, TX - Southwest Dallas
    There is an INCREDIBLE amount of litter collecting along this street between Hwy 67 and Westmoreland. It has been brought to the attention of TxDot and City of Dallas and no long term solution or responsibility has been taken. I organized a school group to pick up a section of the area in late November and it is already trashed again. The road is VERY busy and the space too narrow for volunteers to maintain. This area needs a regular quarterly sweep by one of these agencies. This is an eyesore and per the mayor's "grow south" initative, this gateway into Oak Cliff needs to be cleaned up! The source of this trash is from the public but also from litter coming off of trucks/trash trucks on Loop 12.
  • 821 W Davis St Dallas, TX 75208 - Oak Cliff
    thick paint overspray you can smell and see flowing into residential area behind body shops almost everyday 6-9 pm
  • 1548 W Brooklyn Ave Dallas, TX 75208 - Oak Cliff
    North end of alley is covered in graffiti.
  • Interstate 30 Frontage Rd Dallas, TX 75208, USA - Oak Cliff
    Two very large potholes on I-30 off ramp to Beckley Ave.
  • 260 N Shore Dr Dallas, TX 75216 - Cedar Crest
    The original dam for Beckley Club Estates had a hole blown in it in the forties to drain due to a drowning and sewage. With the amount of construction next to this waterway in 2009 this damn needs to be completely destroyed dismantled to allow the free flow of water during high water/flooding. I have reported this to City of Dallas Engineers and the Army Corpws and nothing has ever happened. They all say oh yes it needs to be dismantled but the safety of citizenry is not inportant. "Look at the levees for heavens sake"
  • Zang Blvd And Clarendon Drive Dallas, TX - Oak Cliff
    The fence that separates Zang Blvd. from 1-35E has blown down.
  • 611 Griffith Ave Dallas, TX 75208 - Oak Cliff
    This street is full of potholes that I hate driving through with my 3 months daughter, but I live there have to go around though Llewellyn to go anywhere. Instead of just covering, it needs some cement down from bottom to top, so the potholes won't come back.
  • 354 N Westmoreland Rd Dallas, TX 75211 - Winnetka Heights
    The street @ westmoreland and jefferson buckled after a watermain break and now in the inside lane going south has a ramp that given momentom could get your car airbourne
  • 2703 Searcy Dr Dallas, TX 75211 - Southwest Dallas
    This road has so many pot holes. The city only cover some holes but still needs the Whole block repaired!
  • 959-999 U.S. 67 Dallas, TX 75203, USA - Cedar Crest
    Highway 35E South is in terrible shape from the southbound tollway entrance ramp and continuing all the way to I20. More than half of the street lights do not work and what little striping is left can not be seen, This is especially dangerous on early morning commutes when it is raining. You have to guess if you are in a lane or if you are half over in another lane. This condition has been reported to TXDOT at least twice in the last two years wtih no action.
  • 1272 S Beckley Ave Dallas, TX 75203 - Cedar Crest
    There is on averwhelming amount of grafitti and tagging on the culverts IN the creek between South Shore Dr and North Shore Dr,