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  • 3750 N Tanuri Dr Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    Tanuri Dr from E River Rd north to a point approximately 1.5 miles is currently rated poor; however, with road construction on Kolb (from E River Rd to Sunrise) motorists are using Tanuri Dr as a shortcut. Consequently traffic has increased greatly putting strain on the pavement which is already in bad shape. Also there isn't much room for pedestrians to walk along Tanuri with vegetation encroaching the road. If Tanuri Dr is widened consideration should be given for a sidewalk on one side of the road and bicycle lanes on both sides of the road. Having the speed bumps that currently exists helps slow down traffic which I have observed going faster than the speed limit. I walk Tanuri Rd almost everyday; but I have to do it after rush hour so as to avoid an accident.
  • 5607 N Wilmot Rd Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    "Therefore, we are requesting either one of two things: 1) You allow us to use our own landscaper to trim the tree about 36” - 48"; 2) You assign a county employee to trim the tree by that amount."
    "Several years ago when the county widened Sunrise Road, the county planted a tree that borders our property. At that time, the engineers told us it would not restrict the view of the city that we have from our property. Time, however, has proved them wrong, and the tree severely restricts our city view. This bothers us greatly every day, and what’s more, when we go to sell our property, we think it’s likely to reduce the value of our home."
  • E Sunrise Dr & N Craycroft Rd Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
  • N Craycroft Rd & E River Rd Tucson, AZ, 85718, USA - Catalina Foothills
    Hello, I would like to request that the traffic pattern be reevaluated at the intersection of Craycroft and River. The leading left turn signal when heading north on Craycroft is inefficient during evening commute times and especially during winter with increased snowbird traffic. Because the lane can only be accessed once traffic flows to about the Quiktrip turn in, often times only one or two cars will be in the lane during the green light period. A following green would allow additional cars to reach the turn lane during each cycle which would benefit the turning traffic and the northbound traffic in the western most lane.
  • 3645–3667 N Craycroft Rd Tucson 85718, United States - Catalina Foothills
    Homeless setting up shop in drainage area. Living in tunnels
  • 6201–6399 E Calle De Amigos Tucson 85750, United States - Catalina Foothills
    Chevron signs were removed during utility repairs
  • 5360 N Ventana Overlook Pl Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    The surface of N Ventana Overlook Place road is disintegrating. Loose gravel is continuously being channeled into my driveway. Please stabilize the surface (best solution) or at least sweep up the loose gravel.
  • N Camino Rio Soleado & E River Rd Tucson, AZ, 85718, USA - Catalina Foothills

    There are several traffic signs strewn about the entrance to the River Estates community. A previous problem report responded assuring me that the signs would be removed but they have been there for a week now. These signs need to be removed immediately.

    Also, due to the construction along River Rd. the entrance to River Estates is now littered with gravel and other construction debris. Please arrange for this area to be professionally swept as the HOA owns their own streets and works hard to preserve them.

  • 5815-5821 E River Rd Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    Areas to be filled w/ Asphalt cracks in the road on River Rd 1/2 Mile after Calle Rosario up to Sabino Canyon Rd. River @ Calle Rosario is City of Tucson. After you pass Calle Rosario the road turns back to County Jurisdiction all the way to Sabino Canyon Rd has damage.
    "Description of Request: Asphalt maintenance
    Description of Problem: The asphalt surface is in a failed status with
    100’s of large gaps creating unsafe driving conditions, Additionally, the
    surface is causing wear and tear on vehicles."
  • 5561-5567 N Kolb Rd Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    Illegal signs on Kolb south of Sunrise, starting with one in front of the Basha's shopping center and five more at the intersection of Kolb & Snyder. Four others were removed this morning at the intersection of Kolb & Sunrise, and a separate request was just made to remove two more on Craycroft just south of Sunrise. That's a total of 12 signs for just one house that's being sold on Snyder by Pepper Viner Homes. Not very neighborly. Thanks, Craig Cantoni
  • N Plaza Del Haciendas Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    "speed bumps "Safety Issue" per constituent.
    North Plaza Del Haciendas is a short street, posted speed 25mph, very curvy, and used at a thruway by many to get from Cloud Rd. to River Rd. Cars travel way above posted speed, often 40 to 60 mph. Curves make it imposssible to see cars traveling in either direction until they are right up on you. Children, seniors live on street. Even workman at my property complain of danger. Myself and my daughters with grandkids in car have had near misses. I've complained and nothing has been done. We need speed bumps now! PLEASE!"
  • E River Rd & N Craycroft Rd Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    Please contact the constituent regarding, information on a 2 lane road that has no striping? Is it legal w/o the striping the area would be River Rd East of Craycroft Rd going towards the Walgreens. The road is wide enough for 2 cars, however, the roadway has no striping. What are the rules and regulations for striping per the constituents request for information.
    Thank you.