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Fairfield in the Foothills

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  • N Kolb Rd & E Sunrise Dr Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    When you have the green light heading west on Kolb and Sunrise the turning lane that goes north at the intersection is also green so cars are turning when traffic has the green light going west. There is a timing issue with the lights and may cause an accident.
  • 6060 E River Rd Tucson 85750, United States - Catalina Foothills
    Reset twisted horse sign on u Chan post
  • Field Review Archived
    N Tanuri Dr & N Calle Vista Ciudad Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    Oil spilled in the roadway @ Tanuri @ Calle Vista Cuidad as the road curves on Tanuri after you pass Calle Vista Cuidad going EB on Tanuri Dr . Constituent said it was a large amount of oil in the roadway. Please send out crews for clean up. Just off of Craycroft and River Rd.
  • E Sunrise Dr Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    Sunrise Drive East of Kolb Road. Approximately one mile East of Kolb, there is a bridge with guard railing. Sunrise Drive has a huge patching that is very rough and coming apart making a pothole. The issue in the road is where the guard railing starts on the right side. I have to slow way down in order to not hit this problem with my car, and then take a risk of being rear-ended as people tend to not slow down. PLEASE repair this.
  • N Sabino Canyon Rd & N Kolb Rd Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    Test for Traffic Eng. per Linda S
  • 5500-5524 N Kolb Rd Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    Constituent reports pothole that is about 12 inches in diameter located on Kolb south of the intersection with sunrise.
  • 7072 E Foothills View Ct Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills



    Which resulted in significant damage to vehicle:

    While traveling south on Kolb rd between sunrise and cloud roads: we hit a difficult to view large pothole in the work Zone, taking out both left hand-side tires (front/rear drivers side) run-flat tires on our 2015 bmw 228.

    We incurred towing, alignment and replacement tire costs. Can we file a claim with PIMA COUNTRY for reimbursement?

    it’s an expensive road hazard which should have been patched before the weekend...

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  • N Kolb Rd & N Sabino Canyon Rd Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    "There is a pothole in the southbound lane of Kolb close to the Fire Station north of Sabino Canyon."
  • N Kolb Rd & E Snyder Rd Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    "Mr. Vogel also said there was a patch on Kolb north of Snyder that goes almost across two lanes. He said the patch is very rough and wants to know if it can be smoothed out."
  • 7181 E Pintail Dr Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    Huge pot hole. At least 2 feet wide on sounthbound lane on kiln south of snider
  • N Kolb Rd & E Sunrise Dr Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    North kolb road and sunder rd heading towards Sabino canyon road before the fire station.
    Description of Request: Pothole Repairs
    Description of Problem: It caused severe damage to my vehicle cracking my
    front left rim. This problem was Created by the maintenance workers that have
    been in the area for months with heavy equipment and they’re causing road
    damage. This is a new pothole.
  • 3541-3543 N Craycroft Rd Tucson, AZ, 85718, USA - Catalina Foothills
    Traveling east on River and turning left to travel North on Craycroft, the signal will not always sense the vehicle. There are times when I have to wait through 2-3 full light rotations before the green arrow is let. Additionally, if the vehicle has not triggered the signal prior to the North/South lights turning yellow, the arrow will not be given. With the long backup traveling East on River in the afternoons, a lagging arrow or flashing yellow arrow would be very helpful.