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Fairfield in the Foothills

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  • Shoulder Concern Acknowledged
    3655 N Tanuri Dr Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    The bike lanes / shoulders on River Road between Craycroft and Sabino Canyon are deteriorating and unsafe. The broken edges force bikers into the road at numerous points, and this road is notorious for speeders. This is a VERY UNSAFE location for bikers, pedestrians, and drivers. They are also always filled with sand and glass from the washes. There is already a sign on the road memorializing someone who died on this stretch of road. Please fix the shoulders / bike lane, as well as extending THE LOOP from River & Craycroft to Sabino Canyon, so bikers and pedestrians won't have to risk their lives on this dangerous stretch of road. Thank you.
  • N Sabino Canyon Rd Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    I called 911 about this serious problem yesterday, but nothing was done. Today, while riding my bike through the intersection, I witnessed the same problem again. Problem: While traveling northbound on Sabino Canyon and executing a left turn (west) on Cloud, the light often goes from green to yellow with no red turn arrow. This leaves cars stuck in the intersection, thinking they will get a red turn signal. It does not do it every time, but I've seen it happen multiple times in the last few weeks. (I live near the intersection.) Because cars traveling southbound come through the intersection at very high speeds, and it's a curve, a driver turning left must wait to make sure all the traffic stops. I have no doubt this problem will lead to a serious accident if it is not fixed. I should add that it does not matter if you enter the intersection when the light is turning yellow to red, or if you have been waiting in the intersection for the complete light cycle. Thank you.
  • 3501-3599 N Amigos Pl Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    PCS called in stop sign down
  • 4702-4756 N Kolb Rd Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    Huge potholes in the middle of the intersection and jagged unsafe asphalt that drops off to sharp edges all along intersection. Extremely unsafe for bikers and intersection potholes are very deep and rough on vehicles. Cars slow down to go over them. Very unsafe
  • Street Sweeping Acknowledged
    5360 N Ventana Overlook Pl Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    Road Surface Decay: The surface of N Ventana Overlook Place road is disintegrating. Loose gravel is continuously being channeled into my driveway. Please stabilize the surface (best solution) or at least sweep up the loose gravel.

  • Field Review Archived
    4611 N Rocky Crest Pl Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    Cracks across Sabino Canyon Rd between Cloud Rd and Snyder Rd. cracks are in both north bound and south bound lanes. Cracksealing
  • E Sabino Vista Dr & E Cloud Rd Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    20 potholes or more and a lot cracks in the road. Needs repair both directions on Sabino Vista Dr and on Cloud Rd. Thank you.
  • 3441 N Camino Esplanade Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
  • Field Review Archived
    7320 E Snyder Rd Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    7320 E Snyder Rd. Large boulder fell into the roadway near the shoulder nearest cross street is off of Kolb Rd and Snyder Rd. Called in by the PCSD.
  • 4521 N Plaza De Toros Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    Large hole on the right lane going north on Territory Rd near Kolb
  • N Kolb Rd Tucson, AZ, 85750, USA - Catalina Foothills
    Kolb Rd South of the Fire Station needs restriping and signage. Constituent almost has been hit several times. The striping stops 60 yards too soon in the Left lane as you merge f/m the right lane to turn. Cars are passing and not following the rules for the location. You may contact the constituent for any questions or to meet on site if needed. Safety Issue.
  • N Craycroft Rd & E Heatherwood Way Tucson, AZ, 85718, USA - Catalina Foothills
    Constituent reports a large realtor sign and post in the right of way near the intersection of Heatherwood Way and Craycroft Rd. They state that it is blocking visibility when attempting to turn onto Craycroft and would like it removed as soon as possible.