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  • 129 Brown St West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    sidewalks are mangled and city hall told me to deal with it and that it was not a concern of theirs.
  • 343 Beach Street West Haven, CT - West Haven
    We reside in a 30 units condominiums building known as OCEANSIDE on Beach Street in West Haven.. The speeding and THE NOISE MAKING is unbearable.
    Several years ago we had a meeting with the mayor to discuss the SPEEDING and the UNBEARABLE NOISE issues. Nothing was done.
    Police present in the summer was tried ,but as soon as they go the speeders and the noise makers return. SPEED BUMPS are the only answer to these problems. They where placed all over the beach streets of Milford. Also on several streets in New Haven. In all these locations the problem was solved and there where no accidents.
  • 15 Enright Street West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Heating/Air Conditioning business STILL being run illegally out of 15 Enright Street. Illegal small warehouse storing heating/ac supplies built in rear of house.
  • 27 Walnut St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    MOST of the display is on private property, but this property's war mongering has gotten out of control. The Yellow Ribbons on the public trees should not be allowed. That is not their private property. As for the bloody "RAGE" sign, that really is in low-class, and it distracts drivers. I respect the sacrifice of our armed forces, and the 1st Amendment, but this display is very distracting and potentially dangerous.
  • 127 Leete Street West Haven, CT - West Haven
    I see there is already so many concerned neighbors addressing this issue, however I feel I should also express my frustration with this situation and the way it is completely being ignored by the west Haven Police department as well as all the other local organizations. At any given moment you can go by this home and see the comings and goings of many shady characters. I think its time for all the reports to the police and complaints to be addressed. Please take notice and take care of this on going problem. Lets not wait until there is an assault or something truly bad happens to one of the neighborhood children. Everyone talks about setting the example for our children...lets hope the heads of our community take that step and show they care about the people in their city.
  • 1 Circle St West Haven, CT - West Haven
  • Boston Post Road And Forest Road - West Haven
    During busy times trying to turn on to cambell and other surrounding streets are very dangerous!! The light give green arrow but cars are still in the intersection. I have seen many accidents, and have also almost been hit with my child in the car.
  • 295 Beach Street West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven

    I believe someone new purchased this property last fall but it is in the worst shape yet. Every window is boarded up, also parts of the roof are falling off and hanging down. This property is right in front of the beach, its a huge eye sore and every time you think West Haven is cleaning up little by little, I drive by this site and forget all of that.

    West haven has published blight codes now, this must be in violation of a number of them. They should have this cleaned up before the summer/beach season.

    Actual homeowners need to keep their properties in good condition, this property should need to be cleaned up too.

  • 4 Bassett Ct West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    the health dept. needs to look inside. ceilings falling down holes in the roof in more than one spot , mold growing in house and a bad oder. you can watch the mice coming out from under the front window and going back in ,all the windows on 2nd floor have hudge fliesin them. there are 13 dogs maybe a few less because the husband passed out and was not able to stop the one of daily dog fights and 1 dog was killed. the side of there house is pilled with gas can and crap as is the so called sun house and pool house. there are children in tis house 1 autistic, 1 left because his mother could not give up drinking,and 1 is 15. the husband is abusiveand so is mom .the neibors call this house of @#$%,
  • 210-212 Blohm St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    House had a major fire, needs to be torn down. Now we have two blighted homes here on blohm st. also 214 is vacant and foreclosed. what is happening in W.H. The home that had a fire twice in 2 days had too many people living there, and too many cars. Noone ever checked the premises to confirm the amount of families living there probably illegally. They were using generators, which probably caused first elect. fire. This area is going to @#$%. Now we have two homes which need to come down. Hope City gets after owners to immediately rectify these matters. Looks like a ghetto here now. Awful. Awful.
  • 140 Leete St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    This home has an inground pool that has not been open in YEARS. The pool had GREEN water and garbage around it. This poses a risk to all neighbors. With all the rain and the bad winter we had, this pool is now a breeding ground for mosquitos and should drained and closed properly. There are also little children living in this home and are unsupervised and do not want to wait until on of them falls in before something is done about it. The city has been contacted about this problem for the last 2 years, yet nothing has been done about it. I think a visit from the Board of Heath is due.
  • Drug Dealers Archived
    126 - 127 Leete Street West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Second and third floor of this bank owned foreclosed property has people over all hours of the night. Quick dealings, obvious drugs going on. They have KIDS on both floors of this house that are witnessing this!! People on this street are aware of what's going on. This forum helped out another person on this street get rid of a drug dealer so I am hoping that this will do the same. These people are BLATANT about it! They do not care who is walking by, kids, familes, etc. and they do not even try to hide it. Please help get these dealer off the street. Too many kids on this street to see this! The cops have been here and not sure why no one is getting busted. Seeclickfix has helped out before, please help now!!!