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  • 712 Division St Aliquippa, PA 15001, USA - Aliquippa
    This resident uses their gutter drain as a drain for something else also. Different days even in this weather there is water that turns to ice coming from the drain and it puddles in front of my walkway causing a hazzard for my family. They have 2 drains coming off their property, the drain that spits out water in the middle of winter is the one closest to 710 division st.
  • 1018 Main St Aliquippa, PA 15001, USA - Aliquippa
    The City of Aliquippa is proposing to place a construction trailer or trailer on this property for the use of a police substation. The trailer of any kind is violating the Aliquippa Zoning Ordinance (May 2009) and Pennsylvania Municipality Act #247.
  • Main & Maratta Road Aliquippa, PA 15001, USA - Aliquippa

    Every morning, a group of kids while waiting for the bus are playing football in the street blocking this intersection. There is no adult supervision nor is there a crossing guard present. I realize this is near the end of the school year, but I've made this aware to Director of Transportation at the school (ie Mayor), the Superintendent, and various school board members. Nothing was ever done.

    This really is an usafe practice that can end with a tragic accident and we'll end up having another candlelight vigil.

  • Green St Aliquippa Pa 15001 - Aliquippa
    This entire street is filled with pothole after pothole. Large potholes super large potholes it is a complete mess. It looks like as of 200 landmines have went off. Cars are swerving to avoid potholes and almost hitting into other cars while swerving.
  • 1915 Sheffield Rd Aliquippa, PA 15001 - Aliquippa
    this road is very bad , people have to swerve to avoid multiple potohles , which makes it very dangerous .
  • 110 112 1st Ave Aliquippa, PA 15001, USA - Aliquippa

    property at 110 - 112 1st. Ave. Grass need to be cut ASAP

    Vacant lot owned by Sound the Alarm Ministry

  • 110 -112 1st Ave Aliquippa, PA 15001, USA - Aliquippa

    110 - 112 1 st. Ave. Grass need to be cut ASAP

    Vacant lot owned by Sound the Alarm Ministry

  • 2328 Sheffield Road Aliquippa, PA - Aliquippa
    The grass is so overgrown, you almost can't see the house!
  • 110 & 112 First Ave. Aliquippa, PA - Aliquippa
    Grass needs cut. Problem same as last year. Property owned by Sound the Alarm Ministry
  • 708 Dale Street Aliquippa, PA - Aliquippa
    no response from the city as to code violations at 708 dale street
    complaints have bee made since may of this year 2012..
    street dept,fire department,code officer and city manager.
    the residents would just like to have the property cleaned up..
    some plane to attend city council meeting to get some reolution to this issue
  • 407-409 Grand Ave Aliquippa, PA 15001, USA - Aliquippa
    Grand Avenue is still pot holy at on side of the street there is a pothole so big it could eat a child hole