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  • Moody & Taylor To George Wood Road Enfield, Connecticut - Somers
    from the intersection of Taylor & Moody up to the Somers Line (George Wood Road) the road needs to be paved
  • 283-399 Moody Road Enfield, Connecticut - Enfield Council District 3
    Driving east on Moody Rd, just before the Somers line, the road is badly deteriorating on the right - there is no shoulder. Cars automatically move to the left to avoid the broken road, but Moody is very narrow and curvy at that point, so before you know it, you're on the other side of the road, headed into oncoming traffic. Road should probably be repaved, but at least patched in that area.
  • Somer Rd/Shaker Rd Enfield, Connecticut - Somers
    Going into Somers Rd/Shaker Rd en route to somers. This road had potholes filled once over the somer but that seemed to barely do anything. I think the whole road needs to be repaved.
  • Blight Archived
    Maple Street & School Street somers, Connecticut - Somers
    Huge industrial Building that the property is not cleared of from the fire destruction that happened. A huge blight issue to the town of Somers.
  • 599 Main Street Somers, CT - Central Somers
    Somers Congregational Church Fire burned to the ground.