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  • 202-398 Winslow Way E Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    Messages such as the large "Black Lives Matter" painted on Winslow Way is accepted as a moral statement but is also viewed as political speech that advocates the defunding of police departments and other actions that ultimately impact public safety. Remarks by members of our City Council favor exploring the defunding of our Police Department as documented in the Bainbridge Island Review. These public statements by the City Council should make us all ask ourselves if we are being responsibly represented. Since painting messages on public streets now appears to be accepted as free speech it will be interesting to watch which speech we tolerate and whether free speech actually exists in Bainbridge Island at all.
  • 5451–7499 Rockaway Beach Rd Ne Bainbridge Island 98110, United States - Bainbridge Island
    Multiple, leaning, ivy- covered trees
  • Planning Dept Issue Acknowledged
    10355 Ne Valley Rd Bainbridge Island WA 98110, United States - Bainbridge Island
    The intersection of Sunrise & Valley has two stop signs. Traffic travelling on Sunrise must stop at the intersection but traffic on Valley does not. This creates a dangerous situation for cars on Sunrise.This intersection needs to be a four-way stop. I live south of the intersection on Sunrise, when I approach the intersectio (heading north)n I often cannot see the traffic on Valley becaus to the left, large US post office truck park on the stree and, on the right there's a hill and trees that make it hard to see approaching cars. This is actually a very busy intersection during the day and it seems like an oversight that it's not already a four-way stop. Similar problems apply when driving south on Sunrise.
  • Road Issue Archived
    Ne Hidden Cove Rd & Silven Ave Ne Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island

    The stretch of Hidden Cove Rd. road from the intersection with Henderson Rd down to the large group of mailboxes near 6336 Hidden Cove Rd is in a state EXTREME deterioration. This has been a problem for several YEARS now and the city has done nothing more than very tiny patches to 2-3 potholes. This minor attempt to fix the issue is NOT working. We have made request after request for the entire road to be repaired properly (re-paved) and nothing is being done. The construction of 3 new houses on this road has just intensified the deterioration over the last year. Please....our cars should not have to endure this terrible road any longer!

    When re-paving is done, the asphalt should be extended beyond it's current edge at the mailboxes. This corner is currently (and every single year) a huge issue with pot-holes in the gravel making entry for residents, mail trucks, delivery trucks, and garbage services increasingly difficult this time of year. Please fill these potholes and then properly pave this corner as shown in the attached sketch.

  • 8220 Quail Hill Rd Ne Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    The dust from the site at 8220 quail hill rd is out of control. Even after a hard rain the dust is unbearable. Is there a plan in place for this issue?
  • Sign Issue Archived
    10881 Bill Point Cir Ne Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    hello! there is a family of otters that lives in this general area and crosses Eagle Harbor Drive frequently. I personally have seen them on the road 4 times this summer, and my neighbors have also seen them several times. Since they are so low to the ground, small, and easily camouflage with the road, and since there is a blind corner on this road, the otters are in danger of being hit by a car. It is quite hazardous to drivers and the otters. Is there a way we can place otter crossing signs on this section of road? if there is a better way for me to go about this, I am happy to do it. 😊 thank you!
  • 10901 Ne Bill Point Dr Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    Climbing up the right of way are several blackberry bushes growing up and in to the power wires. (Phone line cables) I was told that we were not to try to cut these because of their proximity to the power lines and telephone cables. We would also request the removal or trimming of the blackberry bushes as I thought they were in the noxious weed category for Kitsap County. Thank you.
  • Road Issue Archived
    8001–8403 Ne Quail Hill Rd Bainbridge Island 98110, United States - Bainbridge Island
    Both reflectors are broken and laying flat. One end of the culvert is crushed.
  • 133 Winslow Way E Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    I daily cannot safely use the public sidewalk because Hitchcock continues to have a party outside. They are also using public benches for restaurant seating. I believe this property and business are not in compliance with current Covid-19 restrictions. I will complain to the State if nothing is done.
  • 6989 Ne Baker Hill Rd Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    Owners at 6989 Baker Hill Rd. are attempting to add an additional access to their property through Tangleberry Lane, a private HOA. No Permitting has been established for clearing, road access, etc.
  • Pleasant Beach Dr Ne & Point White Dr Ne Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island

    Dozens of drivers completely ignore the three stop signs at this intersection. Many simply drive right through as if the signs are not there. I have personally observed this behavior on multiple days over many months. Others slow, but do not come to a complete stop.

    As a result, one of my coworkers, who works in a nearby business, was almost hit while walking in a crosswalk.

    Additionally, although the speed limit is 25 mph, many drivers speed through the area at very unsafe speeds.

    I highly recommend adding signage, lights, and/or speed bumps fir drivers to encounter before they reach each stop sign.

  • 9390 Ne Wardwell Rd Bainbridge Island WA 98110, United States - Bainbridge Island
    Neighbor had survey company come out and mark property boundary markers. Regardless of the survey results my neighbor is building a driveway on my property. I have been patient dealing with all the ridiculous claims and calls to the city as someone who follows the letter of the law and I’m continually dealing with this kinda of stuff. Rather then be neighborly and ask if it’s ok or come have a discussion he just builds on my property and I’m very frustrated at this point.