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  • Providence Rd & Rose Tree Rd Upper Providence Township, PA 19063, USA - Upper Providence Township
    Not only do you have to dodge the potholes, Penndot has now added to the fun of a traffic light that if you are on Rosetree Rd adds at least 20 min. just waiting for the light to change to turn left or right.
    This is a true disaster and nothing is done. Its amateur hour with this Penndot project. Where are Twp and County officials when they could step in and get the timing of the light corrected.
  • Route 252 And Rose Tree Road - Upper Providence Township
    When they moved the old Rose Tree tavern many years ago we all thought that we would get (1) a left turn lane onto Rose Tree Road from southbound 252, (2) a left turn lane for those headed onto Kirk Lane or onto the Bypass from northbound 252 and (3) some safe means of exiting the bypass (when heading west) onto north or south 252. Instead we have total havoc every rush hour. I think this intersection has created more hatred and stress than Al Queda and Palestine combined.
  • Pennsylvania 252 Media, PA 19063, USA - Upper Providence Township
    coming off of rt 1 onto 252 in the morning is a nightmare! people coming from media frequently end up stuck in the middle of the intersection blocking people coming off of the ramp from rt 1!
  • Media Bypass Media, Pennsylvania - Upper Providence Township
    Every night, Upper Providence Police sit on the shoulder with no lights on looking for speeders but at the same time creating a very dangerous situation. One of them is going to be hit someday.
  • Media Bypass Media, PA 19063, USA - Upper Providence Township
    Content blocked by rejections
  • West Lincoln Street Media, PA 19063 - Upper Providence Township
    I live on West Lincoln Street in Media. About 75% of the times I've arrived home to find NO PARKING on my street. I am constantly having to park on the next block. This is a 2 hour limit parking street, unless you have a permit. I have a permit-please start ticketing those folks who do not so I can start parking closer to my home. Thank you! (most of the time it is people catching the train or all of the kids who party above the deli)
  • 200-298 W Bishop Hollow Rd Media, PA 19063, USA - Upper Providence Township
    Another large pot hole has appeared again on Bishop Hollow Road coming down the hill towards Ridley Creek Road.
  • 1501-1645 N Providence Rd Media, PA 19063, USA - Upper Providence Township
    A left hand green arrow signal needs to be placed on the light at the intersection of Rose Tree Road & Rte 252 South.
    Traffic backs up as far as Springton Dam when the left lane is stopped due to a car trying to make a left hand turn.
    Cars try to edge into the right lane to try to get around the vehicle unable to turn due to heavy traffic coming off of Rte 1
  • On the sloped portions of West Baltimore Pk. the speed limits are ridiculously slow. Going downhill westbound towards Ridley Creek Rd. the speed limit is only 25 (it would be better at 30 or 35). Then at the bottom of the hill near Elwyn and the waterworks you are expected to increase your speed 20mph. faster to 45. Gradual speed increase would be more practical.
    Eastbound from Granite Run Buick and passing Elwyn Institute, if you go 35mph like I do (which is the speed limit) other vehicles pass you and the the left lane ends going down the slope. Perhaps 40 or 45 mph. would be more practical here.
  • 693 E Baltimore Pike Media, PA 19063, USA - Upper Providence Township
    Need more police presence.
  • 401-499 W Rose Tree Rd Media, PA 19063, USA - Upper Providence Township

    This is a big pothole along Rose Tree Road, roughly five to seven feet long and a foot wide.

    During a recent rainstorm, I hit it with my Jeep thinking it was a puddle and pulled the vehicle in. I survived - but not after fighting the Jeep out of the rut and busting my front right tire rod.

    Knowing the public works in this section of the county, I really don't expect this to be fixed fully until sometime in the year 2024.

  • 1465-1473 N Providence Rd Media, PA 19063, USA - Upper Providence Township
    There needs to be a traffic light at the US-1 by-pass south ramp at 252 intersection.
    There have been to-to many accidents at this intersection.
    One big traffic problem at rush hour.