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  • Traffic Signs Archived
    692 209th St Pasadena 21122, United States - Green Haven
    The no parking during school hours signs are faded and need to be replaced. 693 209th Street, to the stop sign at Outing Avenue. There is a school bus stop, and a drug house at the corner of Outing and 209th Street. The dealers/users are parking in the no parking zone, to do their business. When they do this they are obstructing vehicle and pedestrian line of sight. And who is responsible for enforcing the no parking signs?
  • 732 215th St Pasadena 21122, United States - Green Haven
    Homeowner has ripped all leaves to the edge of the road and it is a hazard
  • Overcrowding Archived
    766 207th St Pasadena, MD, 21122, USA - Green Haven
  • 7912 Leeds Dr Pasadena, MD, 21122, USA - Green Haven
    Leeds Drive and Halifax Ct. Some kind of repair was done, maybe to the hydrant, and per the USUAL crappy work, the road still has not been fixed. It is gravel. I assume it will be PATCHED since that is how the roads are taken care of …… instead of being properly fixed and repaved. I do not understand WHY time and materials are spent over and over and over patching instead of properly repairing or paving. Why did they leave the road like this???
  • 7705 Midway Ave Pasadena, MD, 21122, USA - Green Haven
    Sink hole on the road at the end of my driveway. This was reported on 7/17 with zero action and it is getting progressively larger. This is on Midway Ave and is going to hurt someone.
  • 2954 Golden Fleece Dr Pasadena 21122, United States - Green Haven
    BGE vehicle parked at the exit area of wilt Shire Court making it difficult for people to exit the street. The truck has been parked for at least a week at the entrance of Wiltshire Court
  • 926 Pierpoint Dr Pasadena, MD 21122, USA - Green Haven
    standing water not draining from roadway.
  • 3610 Dorshire Ct Pasadena 21122, United States - Green Haven
    3610 Dorshire Court is a rental property and I live next door. This is an ongoing problem here and I am very concerned that this will lead to a rodent infestation. Your assistance in resolving this ongoing problem is greatly appreciated.
  • 7702 W Shore Rd Pasadena 21122, United States - Green Haven

    Looks like a storage dump. Cars, boats, campers, a bus, possibly people living in tents, lots of junk!
    The mailbox out front says 7704 West Shore, but there is no such address on SDAT. The property is the same lot as 7706 and owned by HD ENTERPRISES US LLC.

    HD Enterprises has an address listed as 163 MITCHELLES CHANCE RD
    STE 111. Possibly the management company for the apartments on that lot.
    EDGEWATER MD 21037-

  • 7700-7798 Sauerbacker Rd Pasadena, MD, 21122, USA - Green Haven
    Well it’s not abandoned but definitely suspicious.. almost every night there is a vehicle parked on this dead end street. The people in the car always look sketchy! If a emergency we’re to happen emergency vehicles would not be able to get down the road.. and it clearly states all down our road no parking on the road .. we have kids and are just concerned that the house is bringing in and people to our quiet street.. were pretty sure it’s from 7744 Sauerbacker ave
  • Green Haven Wharf Outing Ave, Pasadena, MD, 21122, USA - Green Haven

    Poles that are there to prevent people from driving on the wharf have been removed, this is causing more damage to the wharf.

    They police were called on October 25 for car on whaFriday.

  • 819 205th St Pasadena, MD, 21122, USA - Green Haven


    Work was done on the road in front of my driveway last week. There was a major leakage there. Some of the water was coming up from my driveway by the meter. The leak was fixed and a temporary covering was placed there by AACo. workers.

    Can someone please let me know exactly when the permanent covering will be placed there? I called in and was told it may be a month, but I was wondering if an exact date was scheduled.

    Also, I would like to note that with the water leakage, I hope no major damage occurs in the future to my driveway (ex. sinking driveway) since water was there.

    Thanks for all you do!