Pontiac Citizen's District Council 5

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This watch area is identified for Pontiac residents living in district 5.

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  • 1440-1530 Joslyn Ave Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    Joslyn Rd. is in dire need of major repairs between Walton Blvd & Collier Rd. For years all the city would do is fill in the craters with a shovel full of asphalt. The first rain or snow would cause the asphalt to open back up again.
  • 1532-1582 Joslyn Ave Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    Joslyn Rd. Is extremly bumpy on the south and north boud lanes.
  • 1430 Joslyn Road Pontiac Mi 48340 - Pontiac
    A couple of white males with cardboard signs are begging for money and actually trying to intimidate motorist while they are stopped at the traffic light. Our city of Pontiac has a bad enough reputation let alone having able bodied grown men beg for money instead of working. Throw these bums in jail, they are giving our city a black eye.
  • 776 Second St. Pontiac, MI. - Pontiac
    kids playing basketball illigal in street. My car hit rim at nite cause they lleave in strreet at nite and chairs. Kids come from other streets and liter and parents donothing about it. causing a big problem.
  • 1685-1799 Joslyn Ave Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    The construction work on Joslyn Road, north of Walton Blvd. has set idle for 3 weeks now. Very little work has been performed in this time. I thought the work was to be completed by Sept. 3rd.
    All this does is allow Auburn Hills to post a speed limit in their area so they can issue tickets all day long. The Road work isn't even in their city limits. This is only a speed trap to boost their revenue at the expense of hard working people.
    I'm not one of the people issued tickets, but I watched people being pulled over all day long.
    Clean up Joslyn, remove the barrels, and put the speed limits back to their normal speeds, and quit the speed traps in Auburn Hills. That includes Pontiac Police, Auburn Hills Police and the Oakland County Sheriffs.
  • 1200 Featherstone Pontiac, Michigan - Pontiac
    roofing remain a problem. the silverdome looks terrible. the grounds needs to be taken care of. the owner wanted this property but contintue to neglect it.
  • Walton Before You Get To Wendy'S - Pontiac
    pothole on tracks!!!
  • Featherstone Pontiac Mi 48342 - Pontiac
    I am worried this bridge may just cave in- if not the bridge than the asphalt is sure crumbling. It is terrible crossing this bridge and so hard on the car. If we want people to patronize the silverdome freely and bring some tax revenue back to Pontiac we should make it safe for their cars to pass this bridge. please fix-- and not just PATCH- patching in the problem-please resurface.
  • Address Is 787 3rd St. - Pontiac
    These people have 2 roosters that crows all the time. Isnt this illegal? People are waken up durin. They are crowing all during the day. A nuisance. Mona can you help us? Isnt this against city ordiance? I HAVE THE ADDRESS. It is 787 3rd St. Please help get them out of neighborhood.
  • Corner Of Walton And Lapeer Rd - Auburn Hills
    This traffic light frequently allows only one or two cars through on Walton while staying green for unusually long periods on Lapeer. Traffic is generally MUCH heavier on Walton than Lapeer. It usually happens at night, possibly related to expected traffic from the Palace but often happens when there is NO Palace traffic whatsoever.
  • 829 Kenilworth Ave Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    This house has been empty for over 3 years and has been vandalized to the point of no return. Trash has been dumped from inside the garage, running out into the street. Kids hang out in the house and garage doing all sorts of things. This is a hazard to everyone.
  • 771 Second Pontiac, MI - Pontiac
    This truck is parked on the street at this house. Isnt this illegal. You cant see in the street nor coming out of driveway. Need to park on empty lot. It is parked here periodiocally. Mona we need your help again