Pontiac Citizen's District Council 5

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This watch area is identified for Pontiac residents living in district 5.

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    1838-1998 N Perry St Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    Please put street light on Perry from Pontiac road to Walton there are a few. From Pontiac road to shopping plaza where Joblink is there are no street light and it real dark. When it get dark early it hard getting off bus in front of turtle creek apts.
  • 591-659 Kenilworth Ave Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    City officials must have enough picutes of this site to wall paper their office. There's everything under the sun. I have sent pictures and sent pictures because every time I stop there, I can hardly believe my eyes. Garbage, trash, wood, tires, you name it, it's there. These pictures are posted on facebook and my space-Citizens Against Blight
  • 872 Cameron Avenue Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    House has been broken into, grass over grown, electrical wire drug into building through window, garbage dumped.
  • 1290 Maurer Avenue Pontiac, MI - Pontiac
    Children at play nearly hit due to careless drivers.
  • 453 515 N Opdyke Rd Pontiac, MI - Pontiac
    A speed limit sign on this ramp would be very helpful as people are normally maintaining their speed of 55 mph+ when traveling on the off ramp.
  • 1268 N Perry St Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    Does anyone else think this lot could be used for some business? Anything would be good, even a fast food place.
  • 859 Emerson Ave Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    This school is done for. Please tear it down and turn it into a park or something instead.
  • 1390 Joslyn Ave Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
  • 698-752 E Walton Blvd Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    At the intersection of Walton and Stirling Lake Drive, drivers are pulling around the stopped traffic for the red light into the right turn lane onto Stirling Lake drive, endangering traffic with a clear green light pulling on to Walton Blvd. Drivers are running this light ALL the time.
  • Bay Street - Pontiac
    The pot holes need to be repaired correctly on Bay St. The road need to be repaired correctly.
  • Pontiac MI 48342, USA - Pontiac
    There are numerous pot holes on the bridge that desperately need repair. It is causing damage to vehicles and may cave in. It needs immediate attention.