Pontiac Citizen's District Council 5

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Watching issues created after: 2010-07-01

This watch area is identified for Pontiac residents living in district 5.

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  • Bay St/Amos St Pontiac, Michigan - Pontiac
    Extra long grass blocking the view of drives. Please cut as soon as possible .
  • Plow needed Archived
    Cameron Ave Pontiac, MI - Pontiac
    Seems that the plow truck ALWAYS misses Cameron ave dead end. (By Emerson elementary - perry side). As a tax payer, someone that has to go to work, and have children to commute to school... I need this plowed! Sorry but not EVERYONE has 4x4! There are seniors that live on this dead end also! Very upsetting!
  • 757 2nd Ave Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
  • 801 Fourth St Pontiac, Michigan - Pontiac
    All the street lights on Arlene in front of Pontiac High School are burned out. They are are from Second St. thru Columbia Ave
  • 941 E Northfield Pontiac, MI - Pontiac
    The neigborhood is watching this
    vacant home. Grass being cut by
    neighbor for 3 years. The back yard
    is a disgrace to this area, it has not been maintained. Now there is grafitti on the garage. Someone needs to be responsible for the maintenance of this home.
  • 770second St Pontiac, MI - Pontiac
    Grass in back yard is really tall, it has never been cut. Rats have been seen running through it. It is an eyesore to look at. Weeds are all over. Can some one come out and check it out or make them cut it. I live in back of them and its a disgrace.
  • 828 Stirling St Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    We need speed bumps at this intersection. Many children play in this neighbor hood people need to be slowed down.
  • 941 E Northfield Pontiac, MI - Pontiac
    The last two summers my husband has
    cut the front yard grass on above property. The back yard is a disgrace. No one else has cut the grass when it was for sale. This needs to be adressed or it will look abandon soon.
  • University St Pontiac, Michigan - Pontiac
  • 989 E Walton Blvd Pontiac, MI - Pontiac
    Eye sore. Boarded up house with gutter
    hanging low in the front yard, a matress
    laying along the side. At the back yard is
    trash, over grown and the siding is ripped
    away. This all in the area have had to look
    at for atleast 8 years.
  • E. Walton Blvd Pontiac, Michigan - Pontiac
    The light by the walton charter academy has no need to be longer than the light the direction of walton. the school has now been out of session and the timing doesn't change. even at 6 am, long before anyone is there, the light is often red in the walton direction. this should be fixed. traffic backs up, meanwhile no one is going through the green light
  • 765 Cameron Ave Pontiac, MI - Pontiac
    The Street Light On Cameron Ave is out between Baltimore and Pennsylvania. In front of 765 Cameron.