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  • 1716 Nw 16th Oklahoma City, OK - Plaza District
    N Gatewood Ave between nw 16th and nw 15th in a one-way street heading south, with parallel parking allowed on the left. The "No Parking" Signage on the right is small and barely noticable, causing the convenience store customers and semis and delivery trucks to park there throughout the day, blocking the street and access to parking lots from the street. Four businesses operate on the one way street, and 10 businesses use the parking lots accessible from the one way street. The street is almost always blocked by customers and delivery trucks. We are requesting a yellow painted curb and adequate signage.
  • 404 W 7th St. Oklahoma City, OK - Arts District
    These street lights on the S. side of 7th St., just W. of Hudson have been out for a year at the least. The corner is shared by many successful and growing small businesses that operate or have functions into the evening. Going North, more lights to either side of Hudson are also dark.
  • I-35 Exit For 4th Street Moore, OK - Moore
    This is a very dangerous exit. The cars do not yield at all and I have been almost hit several times especially when I have to turn onto 134th right after I get off the highway. I am not the only one who thinks this. Everyone I talk to about that exit has the same feelings. Most of the other exits have stop signs and it works fine. 4th street needs a stop sign too.
  • Eastern And Broadway Moore Ok - Moore
    This intersection needs a turn signal and turn lane to keep traffic moving. This area has outgrown the single light system.
  • 2706 N Robinson Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Oklahoma City
    Street Light is out. Extremly dark after sundown.
  • 6505 N Ross Ave Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Oklahoma City
    Traffic often tries to avoid the light at 63rd and May by turning into the neighborhood. People speed through from either 63rd & Ross Ave going NW to 66th & May or from 66th & May Ave going SE to 63rd & Ross Ave.
  • 7019 W Hefner Rd Oklahoma City, OK 73162, USA - Oklahoma City
    Best cleaners building in Warwick crossing shopping center
  • Sw 19th St And Riverwalk Drive Moore, OK - Moore

    Due to the increased traffic on 19th St, it's become a safety issue to get from Telephone Road to the N I-35 Service Road. Many commuters block intersections and cause traffic to come to a stand-still. The traffic lights haven't been optimized to work together properly. When comparing the traffic lights in Moore to more condensed areas of Oklahoma City, it's easy to see that optimizing the timing of the lights for Telephone Road, Riverwalk Drive, the S I-35 Service Road and the N I-35 Service Road would result in a more efficient system.

    If the traffic lights can't be optimized, I would like to see the stop light at Riverwalk Drive be removed entirely. Keep the turn right only lane going into Wal-Mart and create a turn right lane going into Riverwalk drive. This would enable safer travel between the S I-35 Service Road and Telephone Road.

  • Pothole Archived
    Brook Hill Drive - Oklahoma City
    NW 150th street west of N MacArthur & at intersection of NW 150th & Brook Hill Drive:
    Several large potholes (existing PRIOR to rains but worsened since) causing westbound travel on NW 150th street to swerve into oncoming lane of eastbound traffic. This is dangerous! Pothole at NW 150th & Brook Hill Drive (westbound) has been there since we moved here over 1 year ago it's time to fix these awful roads.
  • 2700-2720 Sw 74th St Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Oklahoma City
  • Nw 101st And N. Rockwell - Oklahoma City
    There are two very large bumps in the very middle of Rockwell just north of 101st street.
  • Pothole Archived
    10320 South Pennsylvania Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73159, USA - Oklahoma City
    There are at least a dozen potholes on South Pennsylvania Avenue in the northbound lanes just north of 104th street. It's awful! Please please please fix them!!