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  • 326 Howard Ave New Haven, CT, 06519, USA - City Point
    there are 4 cars parked on this corner on first st and howard ave #1 is a white chevy van on moves this van when they clean the streets then #2 is a blk merceds this car has been reported over the past 2 yrs had expired texas plates on it has been ticketed a number o f times needs to be removed from our street.#3 older model bmw green and white has vermont plated on it has never left this street in the past 2 yrs only gats moved in the summer when the streets get cleaned time to remove it permently #4 a tan mercedes station wagon another eye sore these cars are taken up 4 parking space which should be for the folks paying car taxes and insurance and registration in ct. we watch the folks who own these cars push them by hand all over firsty street to move them the ones they can start they have to put a battery in it right now i think they havd no batteries in a few of these cars .its time to stop puting tickets on these cars and tow them away enough is enough.
  • 83 1st St New Haven, CT, 06519, USA - City Point
    This is approximately the 9th illegally-registered, out-of-state vehicle that has been parked on First St by a single owner, who lives at 80 First St, 1st floor apt. All of his vehicles are parked on the single block of First St, between Greenwich Ave & Howard Ave. He has boasted publicly (via social media) that he collects cars as a hobby and is using First St as his personal parking lot for his car collection! Four of his vehicles are registered in Vermont, the rest have ‘temporary’ Texas marker plates. As soon as these ‘temporary’ plates expire, they are replaced with new ‘temporary’ Texas plates. To me this suggests some fraudulent, criminal activity. Am I missing something here??
    I have contacted: Police; Dept of Transportation, Traffic & Parking; Tax Collector; Tax Assessor. Despite the fact that he is cheating the city out of hundreds of dollars in tax revenue—and therefore essentially stealing all of the services which YOU taxpayers enjoy, such as on-street parking, trash pickup, street sweeping, snow plowing, public schools, fire & police protection—AND despite the fact that those ‘temporary’ Texas plates are continually being replaced 'might' suggest that something more nefarious is going on—I nevertheless am told that there is “absolutely nothing” your city can do about it—except issue a parking ticket for any of his cars that don’t move after 72 hours. (To avoid this, the owner simply moves his cars from one side of the street to the other.)
    Dept. of Transportation, Traffic & Parking suggested I apply for a zoned “Residential Parking District”. So essentially I am being told that I myself must ‘jump through hoops’ to fix this problem, because Your and My Employees—i.e. city staff who are being paid via Your and My Taxes—simply can’t be bothered to fix this themselves.
    If Mayor-elect Elicker uses NextDoor, I’d urge him to explain on the NextDoor site how he plans to address this problem of: 1. illegal car registrations, 2. the resultant revenue loss, 3. the dead wood among city staff who apparently think it requires “too much effort” to fix this. NOTE that if this much tax cheating is taking place on just ONE block of your city, imagine how many $$Thousands in tax revenue is being lost overall, because city staffers refuse to deal effectively with blatant illegal registrations.
    Apparently it’s much easier to raise YOUR taxes than to address such massive revenue leaks. And if even a new mayor won’t fix this, then get ready to hold onto your wallets—because more tax hikes are inevitable.
  • Greenwich Ave New Haven, CT, 06519, USA - City Point
    Since 10 am all the way till midnight you see all these teenagers hanging around anyone’s front porch. Being reckless, destroying public signs, personal signs, running up on the stairs, throwing rocks, riding bikes on the middle of the street not letting cars pass by in purpose, or throwing themselves on the street daring cars to hit them. I’ve caught a few of them snooping on my backyard and they also set fire to my neighbors back yard not to long ago. Why aren’t the police doing anything? What are they afraid of? There’s only so much We can say or do, if We say something their parents group up a few people and that’s when they want to be parents. That’s when the problem starts and that’s what many of us are trying to avoid. NHPD there are good people on this street. People that actually have to wake up to work. Any help before it gets out of hand? It’s getting tiring and this might be a last call for help before something happens on this streets.
  • 495 Blake St New Haven, CT, 06515, USA - Westville

    This photo was not taken today and does not show the usual morning or late afternoon heavy vehicular traffic, but it does illustrate the intersection at Blake and Valley. On the right, is the Elm City Montessori School with a current preschool through elementary student population of approximately 270 kids. On the left is a surface parking lot that is often used as a cut-through by irate motorists who are frustrated by the frequent traffic back ups that occur here in the morning. Many of the students, including mine, walk to ECMS and cross this dangerous intersection at least twice a day. I have personally been hit three times over the past two years by vehicles piloted by drivers who either run the red light with the cross walk sign illuminated at this intersection or speed through the surface lot in their attempt to short cut the right turn from Valley to Blake. Thankfully, the incidents so far have been minor with no injuries beyond bruises and strained vocal cords. The recent addition of an illuminated "No Turn on Red" sign for those turning right from Blake to Valley has made a noticeable improvement. However, those coming from the opposite direction attempting to turn left from Blake to Valley, do not have an arrow, and often ignore the red light which endangers any pedestrians in the crosswalk. Similarly, those who use the surface lot as an auxiliary right turn lane, often do not watch for pedestrians on the sidewalk along Blake. My kids were almost hit this morning by someone speeding through the lot. I have witnessed near misses by other families crossing this intersection and have spoken to parents with similar concerns regarding the dangers here.

    The convergence of significant vehicular and pedestrian traffic at this intersection, particularly in the mornings and late afternoons, warrants an immediate and comprehensive traffic engineering study by the City of New Haven. At a minimum, a left turn arrow for those vehicles turning left from Blake to Valley could be incorporated into the signalling system and would greatly reduce the danger to pedestrians at the crosswalk, as well as facilitate better and safer vehicular movement there. Removing the entry/exit and corresponding curb cut along Blake from the surface parking lot would regulate entry and exit to the lot from Valley Street and thus, eliminate the vehicular cut-through at that location. One could argue for a school crossing guard here, but I would contend that without the application of these two aforementioned basic changes to the intersection and parking lot, the underlying problems will continue to endanger those who use the crosswalks.

    Apologies for the long-winded description, but these recommendations are reasonable and achievable. Immediate action needs to take place at the intersection of Blake Street and Valley road before we are faced with an avoidable tragedy.

  • 12 Lewis St New Haven, CT, 06513, USA - Chatham Square
    Once again 12 Lewis st is being loud with the cars again it is now 1:18am and that’s all I hear. Police were called and they don’t show up. I was told LCI was going to contact the owner of the house and still nothing has been done! These people rent that house From the owner and the landlord needs to be notified about this so something can be done because this is getting ridiculous now because all
    These people on this street have legal job that we need to get up for unlike the renters of that house! There is so much illegal stuff going on there and it needs to stop!!
  • Health Dept. Acknowledged
    543 George St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - West River
    The rank smell on George street continues though the original request has been "closed" BUT NOT RESOLVED as everyone walking past the funeral home can tell you. To be clear, I am not placing blame on the funeral home but only pinpointing the EXACT location of the fecal stench that has been ongoing now, for 8 months. What's going on? If the lines were flushed last week and the construction on Dwight and George should not be causing the smell...can someone identify the cause and properly resolve the issue???????? PLEASE and THANK YOU!
    Here is the initial thread:
  • 205 Church St New Haven, CT, 06510, USA - Town_Green
    My wife and I moved to New Haven last year and love it. However, crossing the Green can be very unpleasant with people blocking the pathways. Constant drug dealing makes the Green feel unsafe at the least. This issue is a black eye on this lovely city and easily remedied. Please help our city and make the Green pleasant for residents and tourists.
  • 36 Fountain St New Haven, CT, 06515, USA - Westville

    Newly opened Camacho Garage on Fountain Street has been operating at well over the percentage guidelines for the state of Connecticut. As a family that owns and operates a small business within the same vicinity we, along with our employees, cannot afford to be shut down again due to lack of respect for the rules put in place to prevent spread. The concern of those that live and/or operate businesses in the westville area are becoming more and more concerned. We all appreciate and applaud the transformation to the location. However, as we teach children, rules are rules. They are put in place for a reason. Please look into this location in an attempt to prevent another spike in the area. UNH is currently experiencing a significant climb. The business owners and all their employees simply cannot afford another shutdown following a spike in the virus.

    Thank you.

  • 50 Nash St New Haven 06511, United States - East Rock
    Construction work ongoing at 50 Nash Street. No visible permits
  • 911 State St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - East Rock
    Fowl smell coming from inside near front door. Could be dead body or virus. Someone should check this out
    Clinic is closed, since . MARCH 2020.
  • Health Dept. Archived
    79 Mill River St New Haven 06511, United States - Mill River
    Significant accumulation of trash in back yard on mill river street. Landlord owns a number of poorly managed buildings. Is there any ordnance about this? Would LCI handle this ?
  • 270 Foxon Blvd New Haven, CT, 06513, USA - Quinnipiac
    Every weekend on Friday and Saturday there is street racing going on. Not only does it effect our guest at Days Inn New Haven, because guest can't get out of the property or get into the property but these race watcher are really rude and aggressive to staff and and guest. We are worried that they will cause harm not only to our staff but our guest. We have to call every weekend to inform the police about this but it hasn't stopped and sometimes the police do take forever to get there . Today our local bus was waiting 10 minutes just to take a turn into the walmart bus stop. I don't understand why the New Haven police doesn't take action towards this. What if a innocent by standard gets harmed or killed because of these racers. Please do something!