Cherry Hill

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Cherry Hill, NJ

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  • Pot holes Acknowledged
    24 Overbrook Dr Cherry Hill NJ - Cherry Hill
    Overbrook Dr in the Colwick section of Cherry Hill looks like the roads leading into Baghdad; a complete disaster area where many roadside bombs went off! The temporary fixes that you've been repairing them with for years aren't the answer, repave it with some of the high taxes you charge us with and do it right before someone gets killed...
  • Fix tennis courts Acknowledged
    Clara Barton Elementary School Cherry Kingston School's Hill Mall, NJ 08002 - Cherry Hill
    All over town the tennis courts are crumbled and unusable. IT'S EMBARRESSING AT KingstonSchool, CLARA BARTON, JOYCE KILMER, CARUSI, YALE,...
  • Evesham Road Voorhees, NJ 08043 USA - Springdale
    There are alot of potholes along Evesham Road in front of Virtua Hospital in right lane in Voorhees. Very dangerous as drivers try to avoid them and move into left lane.
  • 2441 State Highway 38 Cherry Hill Mall, NJ 08002, USA - Cherry Hill
    At Rt 38 W at Coles Ave. (Church Rd circle), there are deep holes and rivets that cause cars going around the circle to actually stop so they can navigate through this minefield. Same spot as last year... very dangerous and getting worse
  • Greentree Rd Cherry Hill, NJ 08003, USA - Greentree

    Vehicles coming in from Rte 70 East onto Marlkress Road, seldom yield or stop when they make a left turn onto the Greentree (connector) road. Vehicles arriving on Marlkress road from Kresson Road and proceeding towards Rte 70 East or those trying to make a right turn onto the Greentree (connector) road are not given the right-of-way by the opposing traffic that turn left. This is a huge problem especially during peak hours. It's a dangerous hot spot and pretty nasty for a collision.

    I hope the township authorities or police take note of this, will step in and install a STOP sign on Marlkress Road, to regulate the traffic that makes a left onto the Greentree (connector) road.

  • potholes Archived
    Evesham Road cherry hill - Cherry Hill
    potholes on Evesham Road, cherry hill
  • 800-808 E Evesham Rd Cherry Hill, NJ 08003, USA - Springdale
    Very deep potholes. At least 10 flat tires yesterday and 7 the day before. Please repair.
  • 615 Haddonfield Berlin Rd Voorhees Township, NJ 08043, USA - Camden County
    Two potholes in left lane in the middle of intersection going towards speedline as you go over the hump that is 561 the holes are getting huge
  • 2227-2279 E Evesham Rd Springdale, NJ 08043, USA - Camden County
    There are huge potholes on Evesham Road in both directions between Shop Rite and Short Hills.
  • White Horse Road Voorhees, NJ 08043 - Camden County
    Huge pot hole on White Horse Road after crossing over Rt. 561 in right lane before Staffordshire Office Complex
  • Kresson And Evesham Voorhees and Cherry HIll - Camden County
    large potholes on both east and west side of intersection These are Camden County roads
  • 50 Haddonfield Rd Cherry Hill - Cherry Hill
    Crumbling pavement and potholes on haddonfield Rd. in Cherry Hill. The problem is in front of the Toyota dealership prior to the Church Rd. Intersection.