West Rozziebury

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Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2019-09-25

Wax Laga Ogaysiiyey

  • Street Lights Archived
    272 Reservation Rd Hyde Park, MA, 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    In March of 2018 a storm caused a tree to fall and pull down the wires and light pole on Brainard and Reservation Streets. Since that time workers have been out to the location at least four time to work on the light pole. To date the light on the light pole has not been replaced. This is problematic because this location is near a wooded area where it is very dark and unsafe for those you live in the area and for those who are walking in that area. It has been a year and a half. This is a safety issue and now as it is getting darker earlier and children are walking home from school , the concern is greater.
  • 6 Bussey St Dedham, MA, 02026, USA - West Roxbury
    Blocking whole sidewalk very unsafe on this busy road
  • 7 Marion St Boston 02131, United States - Roslindale
    Overgrown weeds
  • Pickup Archived
    48 Summer St Hyde Park, MA, 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    Hover round riding chair
    Can this be put on the curb for pickup by the trash company
  • Pothole Archived
    Ridgecrest Dr & Washington St West Roxbury, MA, 02132, USA - West Roxbury
    There is a large pot hole at the intersection of 5114 & 5118 Washington street
  • 435 Hyde Park Ave Boston 02131, United States - Roslindale
    Vehicle parked blocking the crosswalk at the corner of Hyde Park Avenue and Blakemore.
  • 623–627 Hyde Park Ave Boston 02131, United States - Roslindale
    This vehicle is blocking rush-hour traffic on the corner of Hyde Park Avenue and Canterbury Street.
  • Intersection Of Robert St & South St Roslindale - Roslindale
    Overgrown weeds
  • 231 Belgrade Ave Roslindale, MA, 02131, USA - Roslindale
    The driveway for 231 Belgrade Ave has very prominent curbs. I had quite a bad accident on a bike in the early evening since I did not see either curb and hit both of them before being thrown off my bike (biking on the sidewalk is a safety precaution for me since I've nearly been hit by a car on Belgrade before). If the owner can't repave the driveway to be level with the sidewalk, at the very least the curbs should be painted bright yellow. Others could easily stumble or fall, or those in a wheelchair or on other small wheel transportation could be injured.
  • Tree Pruning Acknowledged
    Intersection Of River St & Neponset Valley Pkwy Hyde Park - Hyde Park
    Tree branch is falling down
  • 4185 Washington St Boston 02131, United States - Roslindale
    3 cars parked in the bus lane in one block.
  • 454 Beech St Boston 02131 United States - Roslindale
    Car parked blocking the whole sidewalk.