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  • 757 Gantt Ave Sarasota, FL, 34232, USA - Fruitville
    See the photos and each of the ILW codes attached to this SEECLICKFIX complaint.
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    1315 Jonah Dr North Port 34289, United States - North Port
    Utility cover broken, significant safety hazard. Request your assistance. Appears to be in the utility easement. Cables inside box have identifiers suggesting Verizon. Your assistance would be appreciated
  • 5148 Ocean Blvd Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    Solorzano has his A-sign out on the sidewalk. He apparently puts it out at night when code enforcement is not around. Why are you not enforcing this code, are you afraid of him? Can you start enforcing the code?
  • Code Enforcement Acknowledged
    2759 Gulf Gate Dr Sarasota, FL, 34231, USA - Gulf Gate Estates
    2734 Silver King Way is advertised on Air Ben and VRBO as a vacation rental. Various people have rented this property, including one night last week (Tuesday) and different people this weekend. The noise emanating from the rear of the property and different vehicles parked on the road as opposed to driveway and garage is not only annoying but also dangerous in the dark, immediately around a 90 degree bend. Please advise the owners of one renter per 30 day period, thank you.
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    4970 City Hall Blvd North Port, FL, 34286, USA - North Port
    The Aquatic center closing, and the pool only being open for very limited hours during winter months is a terrible decision. The place has been at capacity and the weather is expected to be the same for the entire month. Why build the place if you're going to put such limitations on it during the months when the most people are here?! Red tide is back, people can't swim in the Gulf. This whole plan is ridiculous.
  • N Cranberry Blvd & Sheboygan Ave North Port, FL, 34286, USA - North Port
    Requesting you move ALL bus stops at location, move bike rack to Sikeston Ave which has LESS traffic and a SIDEWALK kids can stand on. Very dangerous curve at Sheboygan. Cars speeding around corner. Cars constantly are slamming breaks trying to go down street, car accidents been reported and mailboxes run over to avoid accidents. PLEASE MOVE ALLLLLL SCHOOL PICKUPS TO SIKESTON!
  • 2424 Cloras St North Port, FL 34287, USA - North Port
    There are several issues with this home. There is a lot of trash, several appliances, and other items strewn about the property, much of it in the front. They also can have up to 11 vehicles there overnight. One is a broken down pickup that has vines growing on it because it hasn't moved in many months. They can have 4 more vehicles in the driveway, sometimes sticking into the road, 1 or 2 trailers in the front yard, and 3 to 5 more vehicles partially in the road, in front of the neighboring property and across the street. They house looks like a junk yard and driving down the street, or pulling in and out of neighboring driveways can be like driving through an obstacle course.
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    4970 City Hall Blvd North Port, FL, 34286, USA - North Port

    Why in heavens name is the pool closing for the winter ... this is FL, not a northern state ... and we have more people here now than in summer and we are losing all that revenue we could be collecting!?

  • Graffiti Archived
    2617 Jaylene Rd North Port, FL, 34288, USA - North Port

    There have been a lot of reports regarding graffiti at this address. Apparently, the city has not or cannot legally do anything about it. However, there are some negative results. There has been an incredible increase in traffic, people stopping to take pictures and gawking. So, now there's a security issue. Children and parents feel uneasy outside. We can't leave our garage door open as result of these slow gawking drive by's.

    Would it be possible for the city to simply "ask" the homeowner to remove the painted signage? It's been 10 years after all. He may agree, but need assistance to repaint.

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    2–298 Givens St Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    Oseane condo has not reestablished the two public parking spots they removed after construction.
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    4970 City Hall Blvd North Port, FL, 34286, USA - North Port
    Does the police department still supply children’s bicycle helmets free of charge? If so, how can one be obtained?
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    4970 City Hall Blvd North Port, FL, 34286, USA - North Port
    First visit to the springs was today...the women’s bathroom was absolutely disgusting and smelled so bad I couldn’t even stay in there to use the potty. Your non English speaking lifeguards were beyond rude and yelled like army soldiers. Not sure we will be back