PDX Traffic Safety Hotline

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To help guide the public to real solutions to traffic safety problems, we created a Transportation Safety and Neighborhood Livability Line (823-SAFE). Requests are phoned in or emailed to safe@portlandoregon.gov.

A traffic safety specialist will make every effort to return your call within one working day or return your email within a week.

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  • 4093 Ne 33rd Ave Portland, OR 97212 - Alameda

    The stretch of NE 33rd between Prescott and Fremont really needs some ways to calm the traffic down. Signage, speed-traps, traffic humps, whatever - cars are cruising through here - both dangerous and noisy.

    though the speed limit says 30, cars go 40+

  • 101 399 E Burnside St Portland, OR 97232, USA - Kerns
    The bike lane is still dangerous for a number of reasons (less-than-ideal curve, poor drainage, and now a rough surface where the old striping was ground off). It would be much better to widen the sidewalk and simply stripe a cycle track onto what is currently the sidewalk. Ramps could be added just like on the Hawthorne Bridge.
  • 1207 Se Hawthorne Portland, OR 97214, USA - Buckman
    Late night food court mall built of trailers and make shift structures tents and looks like a homeless village fire pits and keg parties on a regular basis. Resulting in drunk drivers playing bumper cars and alcohol infused fights, yelling matches from 11pm to 4 am daily
  • 6936 Se Nehalem St Portland, OR - Brentwood-Darlington
    Children, pets and pedestrians are endangered daily (especially nightly) by speeding traffic on this double-block. Speed traps or speed bumps would help considerably.
  • 4566 Ne 76th Ave Portland, OR 97218, USA - Cully
    Two large dangerous potholes. Over 10 inches deep.
  • 2 N Killingsworth St Portland, OR 97217 - Humboldt
    This is an extremely dangerous intersection. Cars turn down the street going the wrong way several times a day. Please improve the signage so motorists know not to turn the wrong way.
  • Drug Dealing Archived
    Se 113th And E Burnside Portland, OR - Hazelwood
    People regularly pull over and park on 113th or Pine Ct, just off burnside, and this huge fat balding guy on a bike rides up and meets them. They get out of the car and walk with down the street a bit and go back to their car and leave. The bike guy rides off. These people look SKETCHY and I AM SICK OF THIS. There are a lot of little kids here and this isn't OK.
  • N. Rosa Parks Way & Concord Ave Portland, OR - Arbor Lodge
    Even though this is a neighborhood, people speed like crazy through here. When waiting to cross the street, nobody will stop. Once I was already half-way across when somebody came speeding along, not paying attention, and came about two feet from hitting me - I had to be pulled back. They didn't even bother to slow down or stop to make sure I was okay. I'm tired of this.
  • 3901-3999 Ne Halsey St Portland, OR 97232, USA - Roseway
    Drivers in both right turn lanes turning right onto 39th all looking left to check for openings. They are not looking right for pedestrians crossing on crosswalk. Most cars will inch into crosswalk as well to try for a better view. I have almost been hit on several occasions.
  • 11000 Se Mill Ct Portland, OR - Hazelwood
    This cul de sac has a speed demon that guns the gas (Both by car and motorcycle) at the entrance to the cul de sac then slams on the breaks as he reaches the driveway of his destination. This is a small 8 house cul de sac, so it is alarming when a car (or motorbike) reach speeds of 20 MPH + in such a short distance.
  • Se 159th Ave Portland, OR - Centennial
    People speed through area at close to 40 mph. even during the school year, this puts elementary school kids' lives at risk.
  • 148th S.E. Center/Gladstone Portland, OR - Pleasant Valley
    Entrance to Powell Butte Park. Drinking, drugs, women being attacked, signs being stolen, no lighting in front of park, garbage all over, dropping off there dog or cat that they don't want anymore,
    parties, lude acts, drive by shootings, spinning out, running the stop signs on 148th S.E. Center/Gladstone Street. Problem time frames: Spring thru Fall. All days from the hours of late afternoon to 5:00 AM.
    Have treid to call 911. They have either told me to call the non emergency number or I could get in trouble for calling 911. And, I could get arrested for calling the 911 number. And, the dispatcher talking with a rude tone.
    Animal control has informed me that they only pick up dogs, not cats and that I will have to put the cat inside a box and bring the cat to the Troutdale office.