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  • Dallas Pkwy Frisco, TX - Frisco
    We need better signage (on the traffic lights) at the intersection of 380 & the Tollroad. Right now, there is only a green sign prior to the intersection. My mom misses the turn every time she visits.
  • Parkwood Blvd Frisco, TX 75034, USA - Frisco
    Share the Road sign has been modified to show a motorcycle rider instead of the bicycle that has been used as the standard elsewhere in the city. Not the original intent of these signs.
  • Road Repair Archived
    Messing my car up. Needs asphalt
  • Gaylord Parkway & Preston Road Intersection Frisco, TX - Frisco
    The green light for traffic on Gaylord Parkway at Preston Road changes too quickly to yellow, only allowing three cars through before changing. The yellow warning light also changes too quickly. The red light is l-o-n-g. The timing of the green/yellow lights change much too quickly to properly move traffic on Gaylord for the volume of traffic.
  • Maltby Dr Frisco, TX - Frisco
    Deep hole in the grass just outside of the fence of isabel elmentary. This is on the hill where the fence is closest to Rowlett creek
  • Kelmscot Drive Frisco, TX - Frisco
    There is a police speed limit detector blocking the eastbound lane of Kelmscot drive. At school arrival and dismissal times when there is a great deal of traffic in the neighborhood, it is impossible for two cars to get by the sign without taking turns. Could this be moved to a better place?
  • 1481 1515 Panther Creek Pkwy Frisco, TX 75034, USA - Frisco
    Cracks in concrete road need to be patched - dangerous for cyclists. The cracks are just large enough to catch tires and cause an accident.
  • Fourth Army Memorial Rd Frisco, TX - Frisco
    There are 3 large potholes formed since the heavy rains began in Sept on Cotton Gin/4th Army just south of Stonebrook Pkwy.
  • Farm To Market 423 And Lebanon Road Frisco, TX - Frisco
    It seems like every time it rains, the road in this area is extremely slick. Just wanted to warn everyone. There are many pot holes here as well.
  • Independence Pkwy Frisco, TX - Frisco
    on the NE corner of intersection in right hand lane - a metal spike protrudes about 1 inch. This is a hazard to motor vehicles and bicycles.
  • Coit & Sh 121 - Plano

    When driving northboun on Coit at SH 121 there are two sets of traffic signals. The frist changes green while the next signal remains red for ~10 seconds(for drivers turning onto the Westbound service road. This only results in drivers accelerating into a red light, then having to accelerate again.

    The proper solution should be when northbound drivers on Coit get the Green light that both lights should be timed correctly to allow drivers to smoothly proceed.

    Plano is becoming notorious for stop & go because of poorly designed/timed traffic signals.

  • Dallas Parkway Southbound At Train Crossing Near Cotton Gin Rd left lane, Frisco, Texas - Frisco
    On the DNT access road, southbound, at the train crossing just past Cotton Gin in the left-hand lane, there is a pothole that is increasing in size and depth daily.