Council District 2

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City Council District 2

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  • 450 Hay St Fayetteville NC 28301, United States - Fayetteville
    Storm drain is partially obscured by trash and leaves
  • Market Square Fayetteville NC 28301, United States - Fayetteville
    Barricade around the Market House is knocked over.
  • 1950 Owen Dr Fayetteville, NC, 28306, USA - Fayetteville
    Although the city of Fayetteville has installed a sign indicating NO THRU TRUCKS $250 fine, trucks continue to roll through the neighborhood. The moving truck company continues to have trucks driving down Phillies Circle on a daily basis. Today it was also Carter & Sons Backhoe, who is working close by on a house on Owen Drive.
  • 214 Langdon St Fayetteville, NC 28301, USA - Fayetteville
    tree branches need to be picked up from curb on street
  • Street Light Repair Acknowledged
    231 Franklin St Fayetteville, NC 28301, USA - Fayetteville
    Street light at corner of Franklin and Maxwell Streets in front of Years Gone By Antiques is ou
  • Person St Fayetteville NC 28301, United States - Fayetteville
    This was posted on face book today by a B Street resident:
    Who is suppose to pick up trash along streets in downtown Fayetteville? They are not doing their job. Who is suppose to maintain sidewalks in downtown Fayetteville? They are not doing their job. The sidewalk in front of 309 B St. is a hazard to pedestrians & wheelchairs due to layers of packed dirt & leaves & limbs. I know because today Hubby & I collected a huge amount of trash from 309 B down to School. We're in our 70's & I've had 2 recent falls. This is deplorable. Help city employees-where are you?
  • 1928 Center St Fayetteville NC 28306, United States - Fayetteville
    This residence appears to be abandoned. Fayetteville Police Officers noticed that there are drug paraphernalia on the ground surrounding the property and in a shed located at the rear of the residence. There are children in the area that play basketball near the house. We are requesting assistance to resolve these issues with the residence to change the image and care of the community.
  • 907 Chester Cir Fayetteville, NC 28303, USA - Fayetteville
    Need a yard waste roll out cart
  • 936 Weiss Ave Fayetteville NC 28305, United States - Fayetteville
    This is the house beside 932 Weiss Ave and 936 Weiss is just as bad. The individual in this home has had trash littered throughout her yard for a couple of years now.?it appears that there is an issue with hoarding. However, to have two properties right beside each other with this level of trash is inexcusable. City of Fayetteville what are the laws on hoarding???
  • Ramsey St & Rosehill Rd Fayetteville, NC, 28301, USA - Fayetteville
    the corner of Ramsey and Rosehill has trash in the grass and the grass needs to be cut. This piece of property is in the city right-of-way
  • 761 Poole Dr Fayetteville, NC, 28303, USA - Fayetteville
    The tenant has had bags of household trash piled up beside their front door for weeks. This draws rodents and looks unsitely. Have not seen anyone there in weeks.
  • 279 N Windsor Dr Fayetteville NC 28301, United States - Fayetteville
    Limbs needs to be picked up that were cut.