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  • 1 Highland Park Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Mid-Cambridge
    For the past several days, several times a day, there is a high-pitched, constant hum that can be heard throughout the neighborhood. It is especially loud near the Cambridge hospital, but doesn't seem to be coming from the hospital. I am not sure where it is coming from, but it affects the entire area. It is really, really aggravating because it can be easily heard indoors when our windows are open. I have recordings of it.
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    1–99 Cleveland St Cambridge MA 02138, United States - Mid-Cambridge
    People in Dana Street 29 keep blocking Cleveland street with cones so that their kids can play there They leave the cones out even when the kids are not there anymore forcing drivers to stop, get out of the car and move the cones out of the way I fully understand protecting kids but blocking a street and parking spots??
  • 129 Franklin St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Cambridgeport
    On Monday morning Nov 9, ~7:00 AM, a car (or truck) with an extremely loud loudspeaker announced alternate side of the street parking warnings for street cleaning up and down the neighborhood. This non-emergency public announcement woke up my child - and probably every other child in the area - well before they needed to be woken up for remote schooling. If you must provide them, please confine these obnoxious, roving announcements to business hours (9A-5P) and don't wake up the whole neighborhood at the crack of dawn. Thank you.
  • 310 Webster Ave Cambridge, MA 02141, USA - Wellington-Harrington

    Today, as yesterday, a car parked in the middle of the bike lane, in the same exact spot, in front of the same business, at the same time of day (9:10 am).

    How would the city respond if a car was parked in the middle of the road? Would they let that happen as if it was no big deal?

  • Cambridge MA, USA - Mid-Cambridge
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  • 795 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Mid-Cambridge
    Internet in the city of Cambridge is monopolized by Xfinity (previously known as Comcast) which is literally the worst Internet Service Provider in the United States of America. In the middle of a pandemic, they are implementing data caps and charging exorbitant prices on a service we all need. Get it together and save this city.
  • 2 Beech St Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - North Cambridge

    Beech Street is currently posted no trucks, coming from either Mass Ave or from Elm Street.

    However, this is now the *only* route for truck deliveries from Mass Ave to the Porter Square Shopping Center (including Star Market, Tags Hardware, and Michaels). These stores have loading docks on Davenport Street — which has just become one-way from Saginaw Ave to Mass Ave. That means delivery trucks must now enter Davenport Street from Elm Street to get to the loading docks. Beech Street is the only way for the trucks to get there, especially from Mass Ave southbound (coming from Route 2).

    Realistically, Beech Street was already a truck route before this, and not only judging by how many trucks take it every day despite the signs. It's not just that it is wide enough (two-way traffic with street parking on both sides). There is a traffic light with a dedicated left turn signal from Mass Ave southbound onto Beech Street; and then there is a very wide right turn lane from Beech Street onto Elm Street leading directly to Davenport Street. Beech Street also carries MBTA route 96 in both directions and has bus stops on both sides, with buses arriving at either stop every 15-20 minutes during peak hours.

    It seems like the city intended this to be a truck route, and just forgot to remove these signs at some point. Thanks!

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    143 Pemberton St Cambridge 02140, United States - North Cambridge
    Yesterday my nanny and kids were walking in the pedestrian Yerxa Rd underpass next to the Pemberton tennis courts (which goes beneath the train tracks) when a car came barreling down the underpass from Pemberton, thru the tunnel and onto road near Walden Sq apartments without slowing down or stopping. This is a pedestrian only way so you can only imagine how scared and in danger they were. Please put some kind of permanent barriers at each end of the underpass to ensure cars cant kill pedestrians in this underpass. Thank you for looking into it.
  • 28 Ma-2a Cambridge, MA 02138, USA - Riverside
    People on bikes keep trying to ride in the citywide network of truck loading zones. I even saw a bus trying to drive down the dedicated UPS/FEDEX lane!
  • 320 Webster Ave Cambridge 02141, United States - Wellington-Harrington
    Daily issue with cars/trucks from clm and Phil's towing parking on sidewalk and bike lane. I get Cambridge police don't care about our city bc they don't live here, but can't the people who issue tickets for expired meters or street cleaning make the city extra money and increase safety by having these crooks towed
  • 320 Webster Ave Cambridge 02141, United States - Wellington-Harrington
    I have reported this dozens of times and the city does nothing. This truck and others perennially park blocking both the bike lane and sidewalk. Tow.
  • 1376 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge 02138, United States - Mid-Cambridge
    Great that the City used their expensive snow machines to clean the bike lane but didn’t clear the ramps for pedestrians to safely cross the street.