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    413 Washington St Cambridge MA 02139, United States - The Port
    Isn't it illegal in Cambridge to rent out a residential parking space? This is the Norfolk St side of property.
  • 433-449 Broadway Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Mid-Cambridge

    It is heartbreaking the extent that Lorenz Park and the area around the library and CRLS has been allowed to decay over the past several months. What was once a beautiful public gathering spot for all, is becoming a blight on the neighborhood.

    The park has not been maintained. Grass is overgrown, trash overflowing, human feces and other hazardous materials litter the bushes.

    Despite having a shelter available in the Field House, encampments around the park are more numerous that ever, and the people squatting here never wear masks. This morning, a young lady was brushing her teeth and spitting on the steps and walkway in front of the rindge room of the library, while a needle was found under one of the park benches. This is unacceptable considering taxpayers are paying for CPD to be parked on Dana Street full time with a sharps bucket in the road.

    What was once the vibrant heart of the neighborhood, is now unnecessarily a place to be avoided. Yet another way the city has failed its residents during this time.

  • Cambridge St & Oakland St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Wellington-Harrington
    It's currently super dangerous to bike through Inman Square. There's a bunch of construction vehicles parked in the new contraflow bike lane, and the traffic cones currently shunt bikes directly into oncoming traffic. The width of the vehicles is such that cars are straddling the travel lane and the bike lane, and there is no BMUFL signage. I tried asking the officer on detail if he could reach out to TPT and/or put up some signs, but he didn't seem to understand what the problem was. There is currently no signage indicating the contraflow lane is closed.
  • Norfolk Ct & Norfolk St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - The Port

    My partner and I were biking toward Central Square when a driver came behind us honking and eventually screaming that we need to be in the bike lane. When I pointed out that the bike lane was for traveling in the opposite direction, she screamed expletives and drove around us THROUGH the bike lane herself to pass us, running the stop sign.

    We weren't breaking any rules and we were moving in the direction of the travel lane. I am so sick of being threatened on these residential streets. Can we please have a safe route between Inman and Central Squares? Can we please have infrastructure that isn't paint on a road? Can we please regularly cite drivers who endanger people on bicycles? I don't want to become the next white bike in Cambridge. I'm sick of feeling like I might instigate someone to hurt or kill me just for existing in their way. Isn't Cambridge supposed to be different?

    The driver was a woman with a green SUV and New Hampshire plates, but it doesn't matter because this isn't the first or the last time.

  • Big gathering Archived
    23 Sciarappa Street Cambridge, MA, 02141, USA - East Cambridge
    A big group of young adults gathering for a party & not social distancing
  • Fountain Ter & Huron Ave Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Cambridge
    Please Remove
  • 130 Harvard St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - The Port
    Title says it all, waiting for the city to actually do something here
  • 137 Hampshire St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Wellington-Harrington
    While on Hampshire at Elm Saturday 8/15/20 around 10:40am I saw two police officers directing traffic with many construction workers and pedestrians nearby (definitely within 6 feet) and neither police officer was wearing a mask. They also weren't enforcing the mask requirement to those who walked by without a mask on. This is truly absolutely unacceptable. Can civilians issue violation tickets to police officers for failing to follow the governor's orders requiring masks in public?
  • 89-199 Cherry St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - The Port
    Between the fireworks and numerous car break-ins; what is the city's plan for our community in the Port? Feel like safety, especially late at night, is going back downhill. Feels like a powder keg ready to explode with some of the actions seen when walking around these streets.
  • 459 Broadway Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Mid-Cambridge
    Constant mid-pitch mechanical whining noise, audible for blocks around, seeming to emanate from or near the High School. Cannot locate exact source of sound due to traffic noise on Cambridge street.
  • 129 Allston Street Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Cambridgeport
    We already have constructions for one year on Putnam str that starts at 7 am from Monday to Saturday and now we have church bells on Sunday for half an hour. Can we have one peaceful day a week at least?
  • Tudor St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Cambridgeport
    For the past two days there have been one or two highly aggressive and literally obsessive birds that are nonstop dive bombing and attacking dogs and to some extent people now that the dog park has reopened.
    It may well be a nesting pair, but I was there for an hour or two and took at least 11 pictures of what looked like mockingbirds repeatedly dive bombing my dog when he simply walked mellowly around to sniff things, greet other dogs, lie quietly next to me or drink water.
    They also attempted to dice at me and other people and dogs in the park and were constantly flying between one end of the the park and another.
    There was absolutely no provocation from any of the dogs and mine hated the heat so was extremely low energy and quiet. They came over swooping at me and him when we were just sitting on the agility ramp. They seemed to claim the entire park and followed him around wherever he went.
    Can their nest be located and moved to a quieter area with less traffic or the aggressive birds be relocated or given some sort of rehoming in a forest or tranquilized?
    They are quite a nuisance.
    I'm happy to post all 11 pictures of them harassing my poor large dog all around his face and back at different angles and different places of the park with different time stamps to show how determined and aggressive they were. Plus when they were dive bombing me and other people and dogs I missed a bunch of photos opportunities.