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  • 860-898 Somerville Ave Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    People with mobilization issues still take public transportation. Not at this stop however, apparently.
  • Other Acknowledged
    12 Fayette St Cambridge, Ma 02139 - Mid-Cambridge
    This car has been parking on Fayette St for weeks without a permit
  • 876–886 Memorial Dr Cambridge MA 02138, United States - Riverside
    Almost all of the streetlights on Memorial between Flagg St and River St are broken About half of them simply don't turn on and the rest of them turn on initially but then turn back off after a couple of hours
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    1013 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02138, USA - Mid-Cambridge
    Hydrant was knocked over
  • 188 Lakeview Avenue Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - West Cambridge
    Streetlight out. On Lakeview Ave. First light below Malcolm Rd.
  • 507–533 Mt Auburn St Cambridge MA 02138, United States - West Cambridge
    Stop sign is down. Has been placed upward in snow and is being held upright temporarily but will not last if snow melts
  • 593-597 Huron Ave Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Cambridge
    Two sidewalk problems: 1. There has been no snow removal on the Leonard Russell bridge sidewalks. There has been no snow removal at the bus stop on Huron Ave. at Fountain Terrace. Both locations were impassable and for days unusable for anyone with any kind of disability.
    2. The sidewalk on the Russell bridge is desperately in need of repair. It is dangerous to walk on even when clear. Very uneven paving, holes and loose gravel.
  • 6 Francis Avenue Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Agassiz-Harvard
    Trash barrels have been left out on the sidewalk for a full week.
  • 20 Marie Ave Cambridge MA 02139, United States - Mid-Cambridge
    Getting into trash bag at 20 20 Marie Ave Again they have many overflowing containers and this time put trash bag on the ground
  • Willow St Cambridge, MA, 02141, USA - Wellington-Harrington
    Willow street Homes! Cambridge housing! Rays everywhere. Can’t even throw out trash it’s pretty bad
  • 56 Walden Street Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - Neighborhood 9
    Shovel sidewalk on bridge, conditions were icy and hazardous for pedestrians.
  • 243 Huron Ave Cambridge MA 02138, United States - West Cambridge
    A line of cars parked in the bike lane. What's wrong with people ?