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  • 69 Ellery St Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Mid-Cambridge
    Why are people camping out in front of the library? The have tents and hammocks set up for multiple days. They scream, shout, and drink on the corner while everyone else pays high costs to live around here.
  • 433-449 Broadway Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Mid-Cambridge

    It is heartbreaking the extent that Lorenz Park and the area around the library and CRLS has been allowed to decay over the past several months. What was once a beautiful public gathering spot for all, is becoming a blight on the neighborhood.

    The park has not been maintained. Grass is overgrown, trash overflowing, human feces and other hazardous materials litter the bushes.

    Despite having a shelter available in the Field House, encampments around the park are more numerous that ever, and the people squatting here never wear masks. This morning, a young lady was brushing her teeth and spitting on the steps and walkway in front of the rindge room of the library, while a needle was found under one of the park benches. This is unacceptable considering taxpayers are paying for CPD to be parked on Dana Street full time with a sharps bucket in the road.

    What was once the vibrant heart of the neighborhood, is now unnecessarily a place to be avoided. Yet another way the city has failed its residents during this time.

  • 78 Amory St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Mid-Cambridge

    As you probably know, mid-Cambridge has become infested by rats over the past few months. My neighbors and I are trying to figure out best practices and environmentally safe strategies to reduce the number of rats that are running across our patios, setting up homes in our yards, eating holes through our trash bins, etc.

    For example, two doors down from me, there is an old tree stump in my neighbor's yard with at least six large holes (4-5 inches in diameter) dug in the dirt next to the stump. I have seen multiple rats go in and out of these holes and through my yard, eating all the plants. My neighbors acknowledge that rats are indeed living on their property, but they have declined to address the issue.

    I have called an exterminator to consult about the problem, but I don't even know if it is legal for me to do anything to the rats, and I certainly don't want to harm any pets or other animals in the neighborhood. However, because rats reproduce every three weeks, I don't think the right answer is to do absolutely nothing. Eventually, the rats will make their way indoors.

    Can you please let know the city's recommendations for handling this sort of situation? I would really appreciate it.

  • Cambridge St & Oakland St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Wellington-Harrington
    It's currently super dangerous to bike through Inman Square. There's a bunch of construction vehicles parked in the new contraflow bike lane, and the traffic cones currently shunt bikes directly into oncoming traffic. The width of the vehicles is such that cars are straddling the travel lane and the bike lane, and there is no BMUFL signage. I tried asking the officer on detail if he could reach out to TPT and/or put up some signs, but he didn't seem to understand what the problem was. There is currently no signage indicating the contraflow lane is closed.
  • Big gathering Archived
    23 Sciarappa Street Cambridge, MA, 02141, USA - East Cambridge
    A big group of young adults gathering for a party & not social distancing
  • 16 Trowbridge St Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Mid-Cambridge
    There are delivery vehicles, moving trucks, uber/lyft cars and residents parking on the bike lane in Trowbridge Street on a daily basis forcing bikes to enter dangerous traffic. How/where can we submit a request to dedicate 2 or 4 parking spots in Trowbridge street permanently as loading zone? I think this is the only way to solves this dangerous situation in the long run.
  • 35 White St Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge

    The CVS in Porter Square has senior hours posted (if one knows where to look) from 9-10 daily. Based on three visits in the last two weeks, they are being ignored (and there isn't even a prominent sign). Often more people who are clearly not seniors in the store during those hours than seniors and it is common to see people wandering around inside without masks.

    And the sanitizing wipe dispenser in the entry furthest from Mass Ave often has no wipes available.

    If the city is serious about mask use and/or senior hours, it may be time for a forceful reminder.

  • 348 Harvard St Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Mid-Cambridge
    Multiple rats seen every day in the garbage shed and backyard. The trash bins are often left with the lids open. I have to go through their shed to leave my house and I am terrified to do it after dark. Has been going on for more than a month and the property management won't do anything, even after I let them know of the situation.
  • 89-199 Cherry St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - The Port
    Between the fireworks and numerous car break-ins; what is the city's plan for our community in the Port? Feel like safety, especially late at night, is going back downhill. Feels like a powder keg ready to explode with some of the actions seen when walking around these streets.
  • 129 Allston Street Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Cambridgeport
    We already have constructions for one year on Putnam str that starts at 7 am from Monday to Saturday and now we have church bells on Sunday for half an hour. Can we have one peaceful day a week at least?
  • CHA/Fireworks Archived
    131 Washington St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - The Port
    Just curious at what point does CHA step in here and help with the situation. People keep saying not to call the police which is odd to me yet the CHA is just allowing their residents to light off fireworks day and night? The non obnoxious people of the neighborhood are getting pretty tired of it and it's clear where the issue is coming from.
  • Fountain Ter & Huron Ave Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Cambridge
    Painted yellow and black sign seems to have permanently attached to city property on Huron Avenue for 5 weeks
    We are recommending to our friends and other people who are tired of seeing the sign That we are going to withhold our tax payment to the city until it is removed thank you